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Mar 09, 2018

For Sale in Astoria – Vite Bar, Egyptian Coffee Shop, Additional Steinway Property

Vite Bar, Egyptian Coffee Shop, and the building that holds El Kayam Coffee in Astoria are all for sale.

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Astoria seems to be in a state of constant change—here are a few places that will see adjustments in the near future.

Vite Bar

One of our WHA tipsters sent us this note: “This one makes me sad, but our buddies are selling Vite Bar.” It’s been on Craigslist and other sites like NY Space Finders and Bizquest. We, too, are sorry to see it for sale.


Vite Bar is an offshoot of Vite Vinosteria, an excellent Italian restaurant in one of the best neighborhood intersections for food (31st Ave and 34th Street—home to the original Bareburger, Il Bambino, Djerdan, and a few others, including Milkflower not far away). Vite Bar, on Broadway near Crescent, is a cute little spot that expanded its original wine bar offerings (panini, pastries, coffee, wine) to hot dishes like lasagna and lamb stew. The prior tenant was the short-lived Oyster Cafe.

The sales pitch online is this:

Turnkey Wine Bar ‘Vite Bar ‘ For Sale – Excellent Condition, Prime Astoria Location. Local Hot Spot With Full Liquor License. Walk In Box, Office, Wine Room & Ice Machine.

25-07 Broadway, Astoria

Egyptian Coffee Shop

This posting on Craigslist (screencap) announces that the Egyptian Coffee Shop on Steinway Street is for sale:

“The Egyptian Coffee Shop is the first hookah lounge opened in the United States back in 1997 says the owner as well as his patrons. This was the start of middle East movement that brought millions from all around the world for a seat in the middle eastern café on steinway street of Astoria Queens, N.Y.. It is now up for sale and everything that’s in it! As well as the large backyard.”


The NY Times wrote about it in 2012 and had this to say

“It is hard to prove Mr. Salama’s claim that the Egyptian Coffee Shop, which opened in 1997, was the first hookah cafe in the nation. But he firmly stands by it, and his patrons back him. He started receiving calls from around the country after he opened, he said: fellow Egyptians asking how they could start their own cafes.

“When I first came here, Steinway Street did not have an Arabic community,” he said. “The cafe was the start. After this, Egyptians and other Arabs started coming, and the neighborhood grew.”

25-09 Steinway St, Astoria

Building Home to El Kayam Coffee Is For Sale

We noticed this listing on Craigslist (screencap) for 25-72 Steinway Street—the building that is home to El Kayam Coffee, one of the long-time homes for Egyptians in the area. Here’s the listing:

“The subject is a mixed-use building with one retail and two residential units in a prime Astoria location on Steinway Street. Both residential units will be delivered vacant offering upside for purchaser. The retail space is occupied by an established business that has been operating for 20+ years. This is an excellent opportunity for an investor or owner/operator.”


Here’s hoping “an investor or owner/operator” will not boot out El Kayam, which as been featured in outlets like the NY Times, Daily News, and Buzzfeed.

25-72 Steinway Street, Astoria

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Noooo I love Vite Bar! Amazing lasagna, cute little neighborhood spot for affordable dinner and they remember the regulars. Such a bummer we’re losing this place.


Oh this is a heartbreaker. Vite Bar is one of my favorite restaurants in Astoria.


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