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Mar 26, 2016

Vite Bar Is Open

Vite Bar, the offshoot of Vite Vinosteria, is now open on Broadway in Astoria, serving sweet and savory items, and drinks.

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Photo credit: Vite Bar

While walking back from the dentist office this morning, we stumbled upon an open Vite Bar! It’s currently in its “soft open” phase, mostly because they haven’t been granted their liquor license yet, but they wanted to be open regardless. I’ve been looking forward to their opening for a while, and I sure was happy to be there this morning. I got a snack—a cappuccino and a pistachio cornetto, and it was really delightful.

A few things to know—they are only open 8am to 5pm right now, serving espresso drinks, water and Pellegrinos of varying kinds, and American sodas (Coke and the like). Breakfast pastries, cookies, and Italian desserts are on the sweet end, and after 10am you can enjoy panini, salads, salumi and cheese plates, and Sfizi, a word I was unfamiliar with until today—apparently is a colloquial term in Italian that means something you eat “when struck by a craving.” Here’s the menu (click to enlarge):


Once the liquor license is achieved, closing time will likely be between 11pm and midnight, depending on the day (weekday vs. weekend).

There are a half dozen two-tops and a half dozen or so seats at the bar. It is a small place that felt friendly and welcoming, and it will be a lovely spot at which to meet a friend for a drink and light meal. I love the wine-colored banquettes and the corrugated metal ceiling with wooden ceiling fans, and there’s some interesting art on the back wall, too. Here are some photos from our time there this morning.


Seating on the west side of the space.


Behind the bar.


Making my cappuccino.


I liked the size of this cappuccino. The coffee was smooth, not unpleasantly bitter, and it went very well with my cornetto (below).


A pistachio cornetto (not a croissant), filled with a sweet pistachio cream. I liked how the pastry had a little give to it, with a bit of caramelization on the outside. I loved how smooth the cream was, too. They bake the pastries there in the bar’s little kitchen area in the back.

Vite Bar, we’re glad you’re open!

Vite Bar (25-07 Broadway, Astoria. 347-813-4702)
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