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Dec 22, 2017

True Motto Popup Shop Takes Over Old Jumping Bulldog Space

A holiday popup shop named True Motto has opened up in the old Jumping Bulldog space. It will operate December 22, 2017 to January 7, 2018.

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Earlier today a WHA tipster sent us a photo of the old location of The Jumping Bulldog (28-10 23rd Avenue)… filled with, ironically, fur hats and gloves.

Turns out it’s not permanent—it’s a holiday popup from True Motto, which offers “unique artisanal accessories for women” and “seasonally curated collections of the True family.” They indicate that most of their wares are made in Europe. Looks like the business is run by Astorian Peter Zotis, who is also involved with Graystone Construction Management.

The True Motto holiday popup shop started today and will be open 11am-8pm on December 22-24, December 29-31, and January 5-7.

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Harmony Lennon

I LOVE all of the beautiful hand made items in this shop! I’m not a fur person, but from what I understand all of the products are imported from Greece and the animals are farmed. Say what you will about synthetic goods — nothing is more pleasant on my babies skin — nor does anything keep my baby warmer than the beautiful wool booties and mittens they are selling.

Mangrotto "Last Word" Mangeezer

That’s just plain old wrong……..unless I’m wrong and these fur accessories happen to be realistic-looking fakes, which I’m all for as I’ve no qualms about the use of quality synthetics. I own a 100% vegan fur piece to match my dog, so that when we walk together we are two of the same kind. I hope I’m wrong and these are top-of-the-line fakes because a store that sells real fur is the complete antithesis of what this neighborhood has become in character thus far. This is Astoria, NOT shi-shi Madison Avenue. If I’m right, people here should boycott.


YES! There’s no need for real fur anymore, not since the invention of windows/doors/walls/heating have we needed to wear such barbaric outfits. I was very happy to see the pop up has gone.


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