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Dec 28, 2017

The Paper Factory Hotel May Be Getting Way Taller

The Paper Factory Hotel has proposed a 6 story addition to their current 5-story building in Dutch Kills.

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Renderings by DHD Architecture and Interior Design

Here’s a story we missed earlier last month but wanted to share with you—the Paper Factory Hotel (37-06 36th Street), currently at five stories, wants add an additional six stories to its building. New renderings have been released by the designer with whom Gal Sela/The Sela Group has collaborated, DHD Architecture and Interior Design. NY Yimby reported on it first and the expansion would make the building one of the tallest in the general vicinity. No indication yet in the DOB’s database of proposed work/paperwork filed, so this may just be wishful thinking on their part at this point. Or maybe they just haven’t gotten around to it. However, the DOB is notoriously slow, too. Anyway…

According to the Yimby article, here is what you could expect from this addition:

  • 35,000 square feet
  • Black metal exterior
  • Roof terrace with plants
  • Amazing views, obvs
  • Seating on the perimeter of the addition, on what was the original roof
  • New hotel rooms with “rustic charm,” including wood floors and wood paneling
  • What looks like a kind of “great room” or coworking space, with lots of big tables, chairs, and lounging furniture

When it might be completed, nobody knows right now.

In my research I found that in February 2017 an earlier vision for an addition to The Paper Factory Hotel was floating around out there, which emphasized a four-story addition with office space. In the older renderings the bottom of the addition was flush with the edge of the building instead of having that wrap-around terrace (the old renderings moved that terrace up a floor).


Renderings by DHD Architecture and Interior Design

There was also a rooftop pool included—as a lover of pools, I would hope they’d still include that in the new plans.


Renderings by DHD Architecture and Interior Design

I like the large amount of window space in the old renderings, too. In any case, an expanded (up) Paper Factory Hotel would really make a statement in this somewhat modest part of town. We look forward to seeing how and when The Paper Factory and DHD make their dreams of an even bigger Paper Factory Hotel a reality.

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