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Sep 08, 2017

New Hotel for 31st Street

A new hotel is planned for 30-17 31st Street in Astoria.

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Bye bye little house—you’ll be a 9-story hotel one day.

The redevelopment of 31st Street continues with a 9-story hotel (previously reported: a 7-story mixed use building at 25-79 31st Street; the 7-story mixed use development at 31st Street/28th Avenue corner; and another 7-story mixed use development at 25-34 31st Street). Yes, we said hotel.

This development, compared to the others, is notable because it is south of 30th Avenue at 30-17 31st Street, and that it’s a hotel, not residences. Right next to the subway tracks, like the others.

Turns out the same person—Developer Antonio Mourtil—previously tried to put up a 7-story, 17-unit mixed use building at the same location, but abandoned that plan. He’s back with this new project, a 9-story hotel with 48 rooms, with a community facility space on the first two floors. This will include an ambulatory facility (he had planned this for the previous project) and retail commercial space.


The Plot Design for what was to be a 7-story mixed-use building at 30-17 31st Street.

The proximity to the 30th Avenue subway and bustling 30th Avenue is attractive for convenience’s sake. However, the 30th Avenue N/W is one of the ones on that line that is slated to close for 6 to 12 months (the others are Broadway, 36th Ave, and 39th Ave). We’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor that the 30th Ave station will be one of the first closed on the line for this upgrade project, and that it might take less time than expected.

Here’s hoping the builders will use some major sound insulation on the 31st Street side of the building—though, because the hotel rooms start on the third floor, the clattering of the subway may not be as loud as it would be if the rooms started on the ground floor.

The big question: would you recommend a friend or family member stay there when visiting Astoria? Do you think this hotel is a good idea? Leave a comment with your honest opinions!

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Frances Michaels

He will regret this !!!! I used to live there for about 30yrs. All the filth, noise, trains coming and going….attracts alot of drunks….homeless……He wants to put an Amulatory facility ??? Good Luck !!


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