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Aug 24, 2017

Get To Know Broadway Newcomer Rapawzel Dog Grooming and Day Care

Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare has opened up in the Broadway area and is looking forward to taking care of your dog and cats!

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Photo credit: Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare

We became aware of new dog groomer and doggie daycare spot on the Broadway area, and wanted to learn more—Astoria sure is becoming quite a haven for dog owners looking to keep their canine kids looking and feeling good! This week we reached out to the owners of Rapawzel Dog Grooming and Day Care to get to know their work in the neighborhood, and are happy to bring you the details here.

A Little Background

First of all, we wanted to know what kind of services they offer. “We groom all breeds of dogs and cats in a loving and respectful atmosphere,” explains Michelly, one of Rapawzel’s partners. “We don’t put any pets in a cage, which is a different approach from other pet grooming stores. Our store has a open space and customers can see our groomers working with their pet through our big window.”


Photo credit: Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare

We also asked about the origins of the name. “The name ‘Rapawzel’ was created by my partner, Renata, before we started our partnership. Renata has a dog named Rapunzel—she is dachshund with long hair. So, she played with her dog’s name, including the word ‘paw’ to create the business name.”


Photo credit: Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare

So how did Rapawzel come to be? Michelly tells us, “At first, Renata did her grooming work at her house, and in 2012 she started to have a good volume of customers; it became difficult for her to keep working from home. I have experience in business management, city licenses, insurances and other types of services that are necessary to keep the business running, so we formed a partnership together.”


Photo credit: Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare

For the Love of Pets

Michelly continues, “Working with pets is a new experience that I love! We treat all the pets with a lot of love, always trying to do the best for each pet. Some pets are anxious or timid, so we talk to them with a soothing voice to calm them and make them comfortable.”

While there are a couple of new dog groomers open or coming soon to Ditmars (Disco Paws, Central Park Pet Spa), they knew Broadway was the place for them. “We chose Broadway in Astoria because most of our clients are in the local area,” Michelly says. “Also, there are a lot of residential buildings where new people are always moving into, and we’ve noticed that there are a lot of young couples with dogs.”


Photo credit: Rapawzel Dog Grooming & Daycare

Rapawzel has been open for about a month, since July 26. They feel very welcome in the neighborhood and are looking forward to giving their current and future clients their own brand of TLC. Stop by anytime during store hours, Monday to Saturday 8am to 7pm.

“We love the beautiful storefront at Rapawzel,” remarks Michelly. “Our see-through windows attract people of all ages, especially kids and people with dogs who stop by and start gazing at our work inside the store. It is amazing! We are very happy to be in the area.”

Thanks for sharing a little about Rapawzel, Michelly. We’re glad you and Renata are here to tend to Astoria’s pets!

Rapawzel Dog Grooming and Daycare, 31-87 29th Street, Astoria. 718-406-9899 | Facebook | Yelp

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Bessie Grant

I hope that the business is going well. There always seems to be big demand for grooming, and your premises do look superb. But, I had to comment because your Dachshunds are simply adorable. I had two a good few years ago now, and they were such plucky personalities that I still miss them.


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