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Jun 16, 2017

Disco Paws Is Coming to Ditmars

Ditmars, get ready for Disco Paws, your place for pet fun, education,and shopping.

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Earlier this week we mentioned the impending arrival of Disco Paws to the Ditmars area. We have more information about it from owner Amanda Hogan, and are thrilled to bring that to you.

The Disco Paws Origin Story

The first thing we wanted to know from her was why she named the business “Disco Paws.” “I wanted to emphasize that we are a place where dogs come to have fun and be active,” explains Amanda. “I think the name Disco Paws automatically tells the customer that this is an exciting, upbeat spot for their pets. Not only do we provide necessary high-quality pet care, but it’s also a place where they’ll want to bring their pet just because they love it!”

And as you can tell from the name, their services are geared toward domestic animals with paws—dogs and cats (so no birds, fish, or reptiles). “It is not really geared toward other animals,” remarks Amanda, which makes sense. As for the services they’ll offer, you can expect to see grooming and overnight boarding for both dogs and cats; for dogs in particular, they’ll offer daycare and behavioral training classes; for humans, they will host DIY classes in making your own pet toys and such, as well as classes to help you better understand your furry friend. Additionally, look for holiday events (think Halloween costume contests, photo sessions with Santa), adoption events in partnership with local shelters, and pet socials for human and furbaby both. And finally, there will be a retail pet supply section.

Amanda has a solid professional background in the world of pet care, which she fell in love with during her college years. “I worked for about five years at another local business that sold retail pet supplies and provided pet services,” she recalls. “It started out as a part time job that I took on during law school. I had gotten a dog for the first time and needed a place to take her for training. I ended up working there doing sales and customer service.”

She continues, “I just fell in love with the pet owners, helping them solve the day-to-day problems, getting regular updates on their pet’s progress in daycare, with nutrition, or training. After graduating law school I realized I was much happier managing a pet business working with clients and their pets than being a lawyer defending clients in court. Pets make people’s lives better, and I want to make sure that accessing good pet care is easy for everyone.”

What To Expect

She’s really excited to offer a fun spot with a 1970s theme for the animals and their humans. Amanda told us a little bit about what we can look forward to. “For example, there’s a Disco Ball that will turn on randomly, and the staff will dance around and give out treats to the dogs. Information about pet care will be told by various cartoon characters such as, Farrah Pawcett, Frenchie Warhol, or Feline Fonzie. The staff is a light-hearted gang of pet lovers that will (hopefully) infect both the customers and the pets with happiness!”


Photo credit: Disco Paws

The aforementioned educational element also sounds like a great addition to the neighborhood. “Our educational classes will give people a real-life forum in which to ask questions about how to choose their first pet, or what to expect when that pet comes home,” she says. “I think the best way to avoid stress and take care of our pets is to share knowledge so we can prevent problems before they arise, and find effective solutions when we can’t.” Additionally, Disco Paws will also have HD Webcams for their customers to watch their dogs at play. They’ll also be able to access their accounts online to book appointments, see health records, get daily photos and report cards.

Amanda assures us that the health of your pet is paramount in her mind. “While fun, whimsy and personality are a big part of the brand, Disco Paws puts safety and health above all else,” she explains. “Pets are supervised by certified, trained, and experienced staff. We take a holistic approach to pet nutrition and grooming, and only do positive-reinforcement behavioral training.” Good to know.

Home In the Neighborhood

We were also curious as to why she chose Astoria and, specifically, Ditmars Blvd for her business. “I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 2009 and I love the community and the culture here,” she says. “I also managed another local business in the area that provided dog daycare, grooming, training, etc. and by doing so I got to know many of the wonderful locals and their pets. I wanted to maintain my connection with the community and welcome any newcomers or new pet owners into the fold. This area is still fairly residential and so people tend to have pets, but it is also a fast growing neighborhood in need of a good fun place to bring our furry friends.”


Photo credit: Disco Paws

Their goal is to open in mid-July and they are still on track for that, but there is no specific date set right now. When opening day arrives, however, they are planning to have a “Studio Fifty Four-Paws” Party complete with a red carpet with step & repeat. Bring your dogs (and, I imagine, your cat if they can handle it), don one of their 70s wigs (or arrive in your own costume) and get a free photo!

We are looking forward to checking out Disco Paws for ourselves and wish Amanda all the best of luck as she prepares to open.

Disco Paws (31-19 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria. 347-871-0793) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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