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Aug 02, 2017

Goodbye Proof + Gauge

Proof + Gauge, the tasting room in the Falchi Building for the Astoria Distilling Company, is closing, and is throwing a party on Thursday, August 3.

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Photo credit: Proof + Gauge

We got news of the changes afoot at Astoria Distilling Company—they are leaving the Falchi building, which means they are closing down Proof + Gauge, their tasting room. We reported on their opening, so it’s fitting we do so on their closing. Here’s the announcement:

“After two years at the Falchi Building, it came time to decide whether to stay or move on. Fortunately, we have found a production facility in NYC where we can continue to produce our delicious (and award winning) Queens Courage gin at even bigger scales, so we’ve decided to move on from our tiny distillery in the Falchi building. Sadly, also means we need to say goodbye to our beloved tasting room, Proof+Gauge.”

Their official last day was July 28, but they are throwing a goodbye party on Thursday, August 3 from 4-8pm; there is a chance the party will continue and go later into the evening, though. They’ll have “a good amount of New York beer, wine and spirits to enjoy,” which means drink specials, tasty cocktails, and they might even order some pizza to soak up the alcohol, of course.

“Thank you again for all the wonderful memories,” says Chris Murillo, Founder & Distiller at Astoria Distilling Company. “It has been an honor to serve you and we look forward to seeing you around town as we continue to grow the Queens Courage brand.”

Good luck, guys—we wish you all the best in this next phase of the Astoria Distilling Company and Queens Courage!

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