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Jun 28, 2017

Finally! Old Top Tomato Space Getting a New Tenant

Get ready, Ditmartians – a new bar is coming to the strip!

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Via John T. on Yelp

Top Tomato in its heyday.

Years ago the Ditmars neighborhood had a 24 hour produce market called Top Tomato (33-15 Ditmars Blvd), located on the ground floor of the Acropolis building. It was a large place and there was a certain delight one took in buying vegetables in the middle of the night (it’s bright storefront also made that section safer for walking in the middle of the night). It closed in 2009, was replaced by Astoria Farmers Market in 2010, lasting about a year, and since then the space has been dark. But the good news is that it has a new tenant—a bar.

Yes, yet another bar on Ditmars; the strip is starting to resemble (sort of) the area 60 years ago, when there was a bar on every block. As far as the bar opening in the old Top Tomato space, It’s going to be run by four partners, according to a source. We’ve also heard, “There is a lot of red tape with the building so they are being held up.” Case in point, currently there is a stop work order on the space from two years ago (probably before the new tenants had anything to do with the place), so don’t expect the place to open anytime soon.

We heard rumors over the years that the reason nobody leased the location was the exorbitant rent—some folks said it was upwards of $20,000/month. Who knows what it is now. But we are glad someone is moving in and bringing life to that part of the block.

We’ll keep our eyes on this space and bring you more info as we get it.

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Eh, I would really rather see another produce market there. I used to live on 23rd Avenue and LOVED Top Tomato. It’s an eyesore now. Now, I live near 30th Avenue, and United Fruits and Vegetables is my go-too. A bar of that size on Ditmars is totally unneeded and I can’t imagine the owners/tenants of Acropolis OKing it; I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be to live over.

Nicole Agnone

Hi Meg,

Do you know when the Steinway clock is going to be put back in its place? I heard that it has been repaired.


Totally agree! 30th avenue has enough and now I fear they want to make the more laid back Ditmars into a mini Hoboken :(


this space had so much potential, and it seems like such a waste to just get another bar. disappointing.


I’m very ok with another Ditmars bar, actually! It’s nice to be able to have variety! And more successfully lure friends from the other boroughs to spend their nights in Queens instead :)


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