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Jun 25, 2017

Drawing Room Entertainment Transforms Homes Into Private Comedy Clubs

One of the coolest parts of living in Queens, and NYC in general, is the endless out-of-the-box entertainment options. No matter what you enjoy, there’s a hustling artist who is creating (…)

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One of the coolest parts of living in Queens, and NYC in general, is the endless out-of-the-box entertainment options. No matter what you enjoy, there’s a hustling artist who is creating an innovative way to experience it. We’ve told you about pop-up concerts from organizations like Sofar Sounds and Groupmuse, and today, we’ve got another killer idea for your next fabulous night in: house party comedy shows from Drawing Room Entertainment!

Comedian Michelle Slonim produces pop-up comedy shows in people’s living rooms – or, as they were called in the 17th century, their drawing room. (Learn something new every day!) The shows are for people who enjoy inviting friends over to their homes, but are hoping to jazz up the typical dinner party.

I asked Michelle a few questions about her inspiration for the super cool business. If my apartment wasn’t so tiny, I’d be thrilled to welcome her and her colleagues into my home for a party!


Why did you decide to start Drawing Room?

Growing up in Manhattan I loved going to house parties. I could see how my classmates lived, check out their interesting homes, and see what snacks they offered guests. This was way more interesting than using my fake ID to get into bars. Flash forward to adulthood: I’m a standup comedian, wish I still needed a fake ID, and still prefer house parties to traditional New York City nightlife.

The seed for Drawing Room Entertainment was planted when a friend of mine was hosting a jammin’ music birthday party in his home.  I asked if we could incorporate a comedy show into the evening. And we did! The band took a break and my friend’s stairwell transformed into a stage and the comedy show began. People loved the intimacy of it, and after the semi-impromptu show, a few people came up to me and asked if I could put together a similar show in their home.


What has been your most memorable experience so far?

I do the show with comics who are funny, reliable, and often times are my friends or in certain cases… is my husband Ben Rosenfeld. Yeah, he gets booked more than most comics because that’s the perk of being married to a comedian/producah. He has a book that was one of Amazon’s top 10 in dark humor called Russian Optimism. During this one show, an executive at Barnes and Nobles Humor department was in the audience. So yeah, guess whose book was displayed in Barnes and Nobles stores 6 months later? Sure it’s his book, but I do feel a sense of satisfaction in helping him get it into brick and mortar status.



What can a first-time guest at a Drawing Room house party expect? How about a first time host?

It all depends on the host. Some hosts are parents with small children which means there is a nice dinner, babysitter on the clock, and we are on a set schedule. Other hosts are young, single the booze is flowing and it’s more loose-y goose-y.

I book the other comics on the lineup based on who the host is and their guests. It’s like comedy matchmaking where no one gets laid.

What makes your house parties better than going to a comedy club?

Wait, I perform at several comedy clubs so I don’t want to compete with them! Please continue to book me club owner even if you read this! (WHA note: My bad, I love comedy clubs too! :)

That being said – you can’t compare experiences. One has the prestige of a private affair –  whereas a comedy club has the excitement of experiencing New York City nightlife. You can go to a comedy club 7 nights a week with 15+ shows a night. You need a private invite to see a Drawing Room Entertainment show – it’s more exclusive.


Anything else awesome you want to share?

Yes! I am doing Drawing Room Entertainment with the Wandering Jews of Astoria through One in July! That’s exciting! pairs Jewish people with shabbat dinners so the evening will be a mix of wandering Jews of Astoria and wandering jews of the internet who find the shabbat dinner. I am also doing a show at a space which will be all communal and socialisty. Finally, check out my website–I’m funny, I swear!

Want to check out Drawing Room Entertainment for yourself? Take a look at their website, and get laughing!


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