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May 08, 2017

Best of Astoria 2017: Emily’s Picks

It’s my favorite time of year, the 2017 Best of Astoria. Man we did some serious partying at The Paper Factory Hotel, and I don’t know about you, but I (…)

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It’s my favorite time of year, the 2017 Best of Astoria. Man we did some serious partying at The Paper Factory Hotel, and I don’t know about you, but I had an awesome time. Don’t forget that the Best of Astoria selections are based on your nominations and votes, don’t shoot the messengers. Every year we each like to share our personal bests, and I’ve got some good ones (in my own opinion). Stay tuned for Lindsay’s and Mackenzi’s favorites. Here are my selections, let me know if you agree or disagree, but keep it classy. Let’s go!

Favorite Bar: Let Love Inn

Let Love InnI currently reside on the 36th Avenue side of the world, so I generally don’t traverse past Broadway. I like to keep things close to home. However over the past year I’ve found myself at Let Love Inn on numerous occasions and just thoroughly enjoyed it. Dark, sexy, with a vintage feeling. I really love the Queen Bee made with honey liquor, Queens Courage Gin, lemon and brandied cherry. Just thinking about it makes me thirsty. Outside of the craft cocktails, they also offer a nice selection of local draft beers. Cheers! (FYI this is a strict bar, no food here!)

Let Love Inn 27-20 23rd Ave
letloveinn.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

Favorite Boutique: The Geekery HQ

Photo Courtesy of The Geekery

Photo Courtesy of The Geekery

Okay, I’m going to bend this category just a smidge..but go with me on it. One of my favorite local shops that I frequent quite often is The Geekery HQ. My husband and I have really gotten into board/card games the past couple of years, and I would say on average we frequent the Geekery at least once every other month. They’ve got a game for every level of player. Simple cards, games of strategy, Indie maker games, party games, and the big games (that to be honest I have no experience with) like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. My personal favorites include Settlers of Catan (classic strategy game), Retro Looncy (the best card game to play at the Bohemian Beer Garden-people will watch) and Dead of Winter (think strategic/cooperative Walking Dead). If you’d like to start some board/card game fun, the team at the Geekery will take care of you. They make fantastic suggestions.

The Geekery 42-11 Broadway| (718) 606-2853
thegeekeryhq.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

Favorite Gym: Simply Fit


As I’ve shared, this past year I’ve made a true commitment to get myself back on the healthy track. It’s been real fun (please read the sarcasm). Helping me on my journey is Simply Fit Astoria. I’ve been working up a sweat in their cycling classes. All the teachers are amazing, but my girl Fran will work you out. I’m also enjoying reconnecting with my past dancing self in the Burn the Barre class. I’m working my way through more and more classes. The atmosphere is body positive, and the classes are challenging but fun, plus the newly expanded space is just beautiful. Love those lights!

Simply Fit Astoria 37-16 Astoria Blvd| Facebook Instagram Twitter

Favorite Local Instagram: @donutdivany

donut divaJust because I’ve taken a turn down the healthy route, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking at the food I’m not supposed to eat. (lol) One of my favorite accounts is the Donut Diva. Her concoctions are available at Queens Comfort and if she reads this, I think she could have her own spot and do just fine. Although again if you’re reading this Donut Diva, do me a favor, open your place past Broadway, or otherwise I’ll be there all the time.

Queens Comfort 4009 30th Ave, Astoria | (718) 728-2350
queenscomfort.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

Favorite Astoria Restaurant: Vite

pasta-winter-tasting-vite-we-heart-astoria-queens-wha-eats-31st-aveHow do you choose the best restaurant in Astoria, when we have an abundance of riches all around us. However I’ve thought long and hard about my choice and I’m picking Vite Vinosteria. I’ve never had a bad time or a bad meal. When I’m there, I’m reminded of my Italian Grandmother. Vite is warm, familial, and those homemade pastas can’t be beat. Also get the meatballs another standout.  At the end of a long day, carbo-loading with a big glass of wine is just perfection. Going to Vite is a treat, and if you’ve never been, give it a try.

Vite Vinosteria 31-05 34th St.| (718) 278-8483 | Facebook | Instagram

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