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May 20, 2016

Best of Astoria: Emily’s Picks

The votes have been tallied, the winners announced. You, have selected the 2016 Best of Astoria. It’s always interesting to see who is nominated, and who is ultimately selected. After the (…)

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The votes have been tallied, the winners announced. You, have selected the 2016 Best of Astoria. It’s always interesting to see who is nominated, and who is ultimately selected. After the dusts settles our team at We Heart Astoria take a moment to highlight some of our personal favorites. Check out Lindsay’s favorites, and stay tuned for Mackenzi and Meg. It’s my turn, let’s go.

Best Bar: Mar’s

mar's oyster barMar’s has the ability to feel like a local watering hole and upscale drinking/dining experience. The space is old world, the food meticulously prepared in modern fashion, and cocktails concocted with care. You’ll find me at Mar’s sipping a featured cocktail during happy hour with a dozen of raw oysters. No matter my mood that scenario above makes everything alright.

Mar’s (34-21 34th Ave, Astoria) | (718) 685-2480)
lifeatmars.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

Best Greek: Ovelia Psistaria

Ovelia_Full Menu spotWe have a treasure of riches in our neighborhood’s Greek department. My personal favorite, Ovelia. For me, this is classic dishes with modern twists and turns. I also gotta say, I just love those Giannakas brothers, they have a contagious passion for their cooking. Our last trip there has really continued to stand out in my mind. I’m not Greek but when I’m at Ovelia, I feel like family.  If you haven’t checked out their new menu..I think you should.

Ovelia Psistaria (34-01 30th Ave, Astoria)|(718) 721-7217
ovelia-ny.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

Best New Arrival 2015: The Pomeroy

Photo by George Chinsee

Photo by George Chinsee

Lady Gaga and I have a lot in common; we’re both fierce, fashionable, and are fans of Ditmars Blvd newcomer The Pomeroy (Chef Bo O’Connor & Gaga are besties ICYMI). Imagine our delight when they agreed to play hosts for this years Best of Astoria Bash! Creative cocktails (check), chill atmosphere (yes), and modern bar fare (I’m looking at you super tasty fried chicken), make this a great spot for a casual hang out or date night. If you don’t get down to Ditmars often, The Pomeroy is worth the trip. Tell them Emily sent you…and I HIGHLY suggest you try that fried chicken.

The Pomeroy (36-12 Ditmars Blvd )| (718) 721-1579| Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter

Best Pizzeria: Milkflower

Image by Bradley Hawks

Image by Bradley Hawks

Need I say more? Yes? Okay I will. Milkflower is my go-to pizza place when I’m going out for pizza. That wood-fire smell when you walk in the door is intoxicating, and that same intoxication is built into the pizza itself. That charred crispy crust brings me happiness. They also have great small plates of shishito peppers, meatballs, and wood roasted octopus (a personal favorite!). Good lord just thinking about the van dammer pizza pictured above, is making my mouth water. One of my favorite Milkflower eating plans? Pick up a pizza and take it next door to Diamond Dogs (a Best of Astoria winner!) and sit outside with friends.

Milkflower (34-12 31st Ave )|(718) 204-1300| Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter

Best Restaurant: Chela & Garnacha


Nopales, Adobo, and Al Pastor tacos. Photo credit: Chela y Garnacha

This category is always highly contested (we hear you haters, don’t shoot the messenger). I ask myself three questions for this category; 1) What restaurant do I bring guests? 2) What establishment is consistently on the mark? 3) What place keeps me coming back for more? The answer to all these questions and my pick for Best Astoria Restaurant, Chela & Garnacha. This tucked away taco gem on 36th Ave has great drinks, great appetizers, tacos/tortas, and other signature dishes. If you’re asking me what to have; I would suggest a spicy margarita, an order of chips and guacamole, and for me it’s all about that shrimp taco. If you order the tacos, make sure you do the grilled cheese, and if you like spice-a side order of grilled jalapenos.

Chela & Garnacha (33-09 36th Ave)|(917) 832-6876| Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter

As always, we want to hear from you! What are your favorites in these categories?

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