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Apr 19, 2017

Robert Joseph Coaching

If you’ve ever felt that your life has gone off track, or you are unsatisfied with your career, or even if you are just looking for support or a cheerleader, (…)

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16601854_1209058049171605_2601601628232131326_oIf you’ve ever felt that your life has gone off track, or you are unsatisfied with your career, or even if you are just looking for support or a cheerleader, a life coach might be the solution you’ve been looking for. We sat down with Robert of Robert Joseph Coaching to discuss his business, his passion, and his favorite things about Astoria.

Name of Business: Robert Joseph Coaching

What made you decide to get into Coaching?

I believe that life is about giving back. By coaching, I’ve learned a lot about myself and met some amazing people along the way. While we all have unique problems, they tend to follow similar patterns.

What does your Coaching focus on?

I focus primarily on working with men who are facing challenges around achieving their dreams. For most men to thrive in life and love, they need to break through any barriers preventing them from fulfilling their mission. This is often their career, but can also be anything that inspires them. If they are unable to create and achieve their goals, it can adversely affect their confidence and ultimately their success in their careers, relationships and even health.

FullSizeRender.jpg-3What do you find to be the most common challenge men face and How do you help them overcome that?

Conditioning has told us that men aren’t supposed to show emotion or vulnerability. However, without emotion or vulnerability, we cannot properly love, which is the main purpose of our human experience.

I help men get centered in their life. This means being definitive about what it is they want. To own who they are, what they want and to explore why that is so important to them. We define goals, action plans and accountability for executing on those goals. Finally, we define actions to get there. No real change can take place without Massive Action.

f27d203b3a0f05afc31ad7946ef75dd1Well, we have a lot of female readers. How does all this affect women?

I help men understand that a woman can feel their sense of purpose and direction. When a woman knows that her man is acting accountable and directed from their deepest core of wisdom, she can relax and trust them. If a man can enter a relationship knowing what he wants and already achieving his mission, he will always have a definitive plan for their life together.

What is your style of Coaching?

It involves a lot of deep questioning and listening. I’m trained to listen holistically. Often, we tell ourselves self-sabotaging stories (stemming from fear, lack of confidence, or conditioning.) These stories need to be changed to break through. If my client believes in a higher power, I will incorporate some spiritual work. This usually involves creating space for awakening the intuition and practicing manifestation techniques.

What Is your favorite part About Coaching?

I love to see people make progress and start living their lives authentically. We all have a truth deep inside. I just help people dig beneath the debris to find it.

What do you charge?

My fees are discretionary and determined by my clients.

Where in Astoria do you live?

I live around the Ditmars Blvd area.

B311083B-0ED6-4252-A4AF-60CC2B4AC73BWhat is your favorite place in Astoria?

My favorite place is my garden, my friend is a talented landscape architect and helped me design and build it. It’s a little restful oasis within the city, and I’ll often invite my clients over for a session here. It’s where I meditate, read and clear my mind. If I want a night out, The Last Word, Di’wine and Mosaic are more my vibe.

Vite_Outdoor CafeIf you have friends or family visiting Astoria, where do you take them?

My family is predominately Italian, so I like to take them to Trattoria L’incontro or Vite Vonosteria for authentic Italian. Astoria Park is always a great place to go on warmer days.

So, it sounds like you have it all figured out.

I wouldn’t go that far. I am always growing and learning. Ironically, my greatest growth comes from helping others. Life is a never-ending journey filled with tests and valuable lessons. I try to stay humble and I’m always committed to my own personal and spiritual growth.

Robert Joseph Coaching| 718-887-6214

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