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Apr 11, 2017

New Changes at Okidoki

30th Avenue ramen spot Okidoki has a new chef and new menu changes.

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While perusing the update by those crazy kids over on Reddit, I learned that recent changes—and by recent, I mean changes in the past month or so—have arrived at Okidoki, FKA Ramen Okidoki. That includes a menu update, space changes, new ownership and a new chef.

Elements of the space has changed—it’s reported that the old Japanese-style wooden tables have been replaced, that “there are now three or four rows with 4 seat tables on the left side and two seaters on the right.” It took a while, and the restaurant acknowledges it and they “apologize for the long wait.”

The menu has changed, no doubt influenced by the new chef, Ju Ahn Kang. Redditors report, “They have a new chef, and I believe he may have purchased the place.” and then, “Can confirm it is a new chef. New chef is my friend, we haven’t spoken about it much except for a general congratulations for the new opportunity. Doubt that it will go into a general japanese/asian direction. He’s been the head guy at Ippudo Westside for a while now, and made the jump to Ramen Okidoki, so… my guess is the broth will likely improve.” Chef Kan was Kitchen Manager at Ippudo and also worked at ABC Kitchen.

The menu changes have streamlined things a bit, and seemingly gone are the bits of Korean influence, which many felt set Okidoki apart from other ramen spots in town. The very popular gyoza appetizer has also disappeared, which has saddened many Okidoki regulars (perhaps they’ll bring it back, though, if enough people ask). One of the more popular ramen dishes, “RU Okidoki” got an update, and they’ve added a poke dish, which is very on trend.


RU Okidoki


Poke noodle salad

You can see the rest of the new menu here:


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