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Aug 01, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Lucy Has Cold Ramen On a Hot Day

In this edition of Lucy Eats Alone, she enjoys a veritable feast at Tamashii Ramen – sake, octopus, Buta Kimchi (kimchi with pan fried pork), and cold ramen.

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Lucy takes us along during her feast at Tamashii Ramen and muses on why she doesn’t date in Astoria. -Meg


I heard talk of new ramen joints in the hood—and while it’s a sticky day and a bowl of hot noodles wasn’t super appealing, I decided that since I was in the area, I’d try Tamashii Ramen. Perusing the menu I am pleased to see a wide selection of ramen, including vegetarian, and I am thrilled to find several cold ramen. Jackpot!


While I check out the menu, I order some sake. They don’t offer any by the glass but the bottles aren’t huge. In fact two are just 180 ml. The hyper-attentive staff was charming and helpfully told me that a big (300ml) bottle of sake was too big. (Clearly, they have not met me!)


I settle on raw octopus with wasabi sauce and Buta-Kimchi—kimchi with pan fried pork. The cold ramen with egg cucumber tomato and lots of other good stuff in a spicy soy sauce also strikes my fancy. As I drink my sake and check the waitstaff in camo, I can’t help but notice the digitalized voice announcing every new Seamless web order coming. Apparently I am late to the game on this place.


The octopus is clean and fresh with a wasabi kick that hits the sinuses in a good way that doesn’t overwhelm. The kimchi with pork is a nice change from my usual bowl of kimchi. It would be great leftover in an omelette. The cold ramen is refreshing and delicious. The sesame oil is a great balance to the spicy sauce.


As I enjoy my feast, alone, I am reminded of a recent awkward date, which in turn makes me ponder why I don’t date in Astoria. I eat here, I live here… why don’t I date here? Maybe I should ask the WHA team about changing this up and calling it: Lucy Eats Alone (mostly)?

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