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Mar 27, 2017

Vote for the Best of Astoria 2017

The nominations are in – time to vote for the finalists for the Best of Astoria 2017!

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You’ve made your voices heard during the Best of Astoria nominating process, and now it’s time for the voting to begin for the Best of Astoria 2017! We tabulated the votes for the top five finalists in each category (and in a couple the top six because of a tie), including restaurants, bars, boutiques and more. We can’t wait to learn more about your favorites, and to announce them first at our upcoming Best of Astoria bash! You have until Friday April 7 cast your votes.

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Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.


Claude J. Guinchard

If you want to savor genuine Mexican fare, Chela y Guarnacha
has to be your election for the tastiest selection of genuine South of the border specialties TO GO or in your quaint neighborhood
eatery and watering place* where a margarita, some wines, hard cider and beer await you. Bienvenido(a)s.


No better place to get your sweat on hm at Simply fit astoria!! Have you been!??? Addicted doesn’t even begin to cover it! Went from 0 push-ups to 40 in weeks!!

John Mullahey

Brooklyn bagel has the best bagels and service!!! Recommend to all my friends


The Ditty is the greatest! <3 Love the board games and Movie Nights on Tuesdays! And of course killer cocktails!!!!!

Sarah Duffy

Wolfhound all the way. great entertainment line up every week, irish run bar. best of luck lads you deserve it.

Roula Melidis

I am so grateful for Ancient Astoria, everyday I look forward to what the posts to reminisce and also get informed of how things were before I got her. Great job!!!
Thank you


Chela & Garnacha is best Mexican by far……..holy guacamole those volcanes are incredible

Michael Wargo

I agree with Jessica about the Wolfhound! It was such a needed addition to Astoria! A great Irish bar with friendly staff and great theme nights.


60 Beans great ambience with great coffee, food and more.!
Brooklyn Bagels fresh everyday.!

Jessica Lyons

The wolfhound is a great place of mixture for community and Irish culture. It’s a slice of home, so I definitely feel they should win on some aspect.


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