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Mar 24, 2017

Luck of the Brunch

Brunch is an Astoria institution. After a late-night, often booze-infused Friday/Saturday night, you pull yourself out for a carby, eggy, coffee laden breakfast at a late hour. It’s probably my (…)

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Passage-37Brunch is an Astoria institution. After a late-night, often booze-infused Friday/Saturday night, you pull yourself out for a carby, eggy, coffee laden breakfast at a late hour. It’s probably my favorite meal of the weekend. We have so many great options in the neighborhood, and the brunch at Passage Irish Bar & Kitchen deserves your attention.

Marielle and ate our way through a series of dishes and our favorite plates and drinks are below. Including one drink that my fellow Muggles should REALLY enjoy.

Passage-3Let’s start out with my favorite dish and drink. The Fry Up is new brunch menu item, and I gotta say I’m glad it’s there. Irish bacon (I like that), Irish sausage (double the meat double the fun), black pudding, white pudding, Irish beans, French fries, ketchup and Chef sauce in a wrap served with home fries. If I was nursing a hangover, this would put me right. The general public might not be aware but I have a deep (deep) love for Harry Potter. I’ve got merchandise, I read the books constantly, and when living in Orlando I dragged my husband to Universal Studios for the Wizarding World opening (6 hours waiting in the hot sun). I say this because the drink pictured above is….BUTTERBEER!! Passages hosted a Harry Potter themed Trivia night, and made the drink to serve during the event. People liked it so much, they kept it on the menu. Universal Studios should take note and serve this to their adult patrons, Made with Whiskey, ginger beer, a homemade butter syrup, Cider, and topped with fresh cream. Even Muggles will enjoy this drink.

Passage-26Other hungover cures that would put you right. On the far right side we had salty, not too spicy, curry fries. FYI the fries are available at all times. Good to know because they would cure a hangover…and also help as you created one.  A very special flatbread, the Irish Breakfast, on the left hand side is about to put Passages on the map, it’s going to be featured in an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise. Same ingredients as the Fry Up above, but swap the wrap for a crispy on the outside soft on the inside flatbread, and add eggs. Finally tucked in the back are Crab Cakes served with a mango salsa, ranch dressing, with a bed of mixed greens. Marielle’s personal favorite was the Crab Cakes.

Passage-10After all the savory dishes, it was time to go a little sweet. This French Toast is dipped in Irish Cream before getting on the griddle. Drizzled with chocolate syrup served with a side of ice cream and whipped cream.

Passage-23Finally, you should know that Passage has an EXTENSIVE Whisky collection. They have over 100!! That’s the most in New York. No surprise that Whisky shows up in many of their drinks. One of their most popular, Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile), made with Power’s Irish Whiskey, fresh lemon, ginger beer, and muddled strawberries. It’s popular because it’s delicious.

So the next time you make those Brunch Plans, give Passage Irish Bar & Kitchen a go, you won’t be sorry!!

Also don’t forget to take advantage of our Passage Irish Bar & Kitchen deal on Tuesday nights.

Passage Irish Bar & Kitchen (40-11 30th Ave, Astoria)
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