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Mar 21, 2017

Casa Theodoro Offers Brazilian Pizza and More in Neighboring Woodside

Get your Brazilian-style pizza on at Casa Theodoro in Woodside.

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Last week we were contacted by Karina Guimaraes, the owner of Casa Theodoro, who wanted to let you all know about their new-ish presence near the Astoria/Woodside border. They specialize in Brazilian-style pizza, as well as offering Italian-style pizza, appetizers, salads, hot entrees, sandwiches, burgers, and dessert. But it’s the Brazilian-style pizza that will set them apart—and you can be assured they know what they are doing, as the owners are the same ones that run Astoria’s beloved Pao de Queijo near Broadway.


So what’s up with Brazilian pizza? As you may be aware, pizza has found its way from Italy around the world and Brazil, with its significant Italian immigrant population (in 2013, it was estimated that nearly 30 million Brazilians are of Italian descent—15% of Brazil’s population) is understandably a place where pizza was established, changing over time to suit local tastes (also see Chifa in Peru for a similar practice). That change includes an expansive range of toppings, including tuna, potato sticks, corn and hearts of palm; different cheeses, like requeijão, a creamy cheese (Catupiry brand at Casa Theodoro) developed by Italian immigrant Mario Silvestrini; and a slightly thinner crust than your average NY slice. And don’t be surprised if you see people eating their pizza with a knife and fork, which is the common way to consume it in Brazil, often because the amount of toppings makes eating the pizza with you hands awkward and unwieldy.

Years ago when I lived in Berkeley, CA, I would order Brazilian-style pizza semi-regularly (shout out to Nino’s!); I especially liked getting the hearts of palm on it, and you can do that too at Casa Theodoro. The Portuguesa pizza is a pretty popular choice, according to their Yelp reviews, and has classic Brazilian pizza topping opulence—cheese, ham, eggs, heart of palm, onions, olives, and likely some Catupiry. You can read more reviews of the food at Casa Theordoro here. When we stop by, we’ll be sure to let you know what we think, too.


Brazilian-style pizza is somewhat uncommon in the area, so this is a great opportunity to taste a new interpretation on a classic food staple of NYC, and frankly, all over the world. They are open Sunday to Thursday, 11am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-midnight. Or you can order on Seamless.

Additionally, they do two rodizios (all you can eat) events each week, a common occasion in Brazil. Every Thursday and Sunday from 6-10pm, they do a Pizza Rodizio; every Friday from 6-10pm, they do a Pasta Rodizio.

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Casa Theodoro (54-18 31st Avenue, Woodside. 718-545-3800) | Facebook | Instagram

Photo credits: Casa Theodoro

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