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Feb 28, 2017

There’s a New Taco In Town: Unico Taco

Unico Taco has all the tasty taco noms.

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The Mexico City Taco

Last week we were alerted to the presence of a new taco spot in LIC, Unico Taco (Unico means “one of a kind” in Spanish). Their tacos go beyond the typical pollo, bistec, and carnitas you’ll find at most taco trucks and Mexican restaurants, and flavors span the globe, including Mexican, Indian, and Korean. They opened February 20.


Now, when I say “LIC” I don’t mean charming Vernon-Jackson or the homogenous glass tower world of Center Blvd—this taco spot has opened up at 31-31 Thomspon Ave, a strip just across the street from LaGuardia Community College, down the way from the 33rd-Rawson 7 stop, and existing amidst plenty of car traffic and screeching from the elevated. Unico Taco is in the space that has been occupied over the years by restaurants and convenience stores, and Unico’s PR folks label the area as “culinary deprived”—though, in the past this little block has offered bubble tea, Indian food, pizza, and is still the location of the Golden Krust shop, home the beloved Jamaican beef patty. It’s also only a few blocks from the Falchi Building.


The Lima Taco

We reached out to Unico for more info and their PR folks responded. Each taco sounds like a very tasty food world, and costs between $3 and $4 each (they are $7 at sister restaurant Tapestry). Here’s a few of their taco offerings:

  • Lima (Baja California). Shrimp marinated in citrus with jicama-mango-cabbage slaw and chile oil
  • Mexico City (Mexico). Adobo-pomegranate pork, pineapple & grilled onion salsa, salsa roja
  • Incheon (Korean). Marinated beef, spicy kimchi, and gochuchang salsa
  • Shimla (Indian). Roasted potatoes & bell peppers, kachumbar, and raita; can be made vegan

The Incheon Taco

These fillings can also be used as a base for their burritos, enchiladas, wraps, and bowls at this fast casual eatery. You can see the menu here.


Unico was founded by Michelin-starred chef, Suvir Saran and entrepreneur Roni Mazumdar—he’s behind one of my favorite Manhattan/LES restaurants, The Masalawala, which is full of all sorts of tasty things. It’s also been a huge success over the years; we hope Unico will do just as well.


The Shimla Taco

Unico Taco (31-31 Thompson Avenue, LIC)
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