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Sep 19, 2016

Burnside Biscuits CLOSED

Burnside Biscuits has left the building.

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Have you heard the news? Burnside Biscuits has closed. This was posted on their social channels:


That business about the L indicates a potential new venture in Williamsburg or Bushwick, and we’d heard that a new concept was in the works (BBQ), but a report from one of the Burnside servers is they are “just closing, not moving.” So it remains a mystery for now.

This location—which used to be home to Athens Cafe—is a pretty sweet spot and surely the rents are sky high, so we do wonder what will go in that space. What do you think will go there? What would you like to see there? Are you sorry to see Burnside leave the Astoria dining scene? Feel free to share your thoughts and any intel you have in the comments or via email.

So long, Burnside Biscuits.

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Typically when a restaurant wants to rebrand their menu or their look they will temporarily close for a few days and be sure to let all of their clientele know exactly when they’re going to reopen. This doesn’t seem to be the case here. As of last night there was an abundance of chairs, tables and kitchen equipment sitting out on the sidewalk, I’m not sure if it was for the taking or if somebody had forgotten to come pick it up. While it was on the pricey side I did frequent Burnside because it was only two blocks from my house and the waiters were cute!

Meg Cotner

Good points by all of you that reminded us that the “L” means the “elevated.” I’ve definitely heard it called that over the years but not as often as simply “the subway” (even though that is technically incorrect, since it is not sub-level but elevated). Who knows – maybe they will reopen in Astoria one day!


All I know is there is an abundance of Comfort Food establishments at the moment. It might be wise for someone to open something there that isn’t of the 4500 calories a plate persuasion. Or at least offer a wider variety of food. Personally, I would dig on something Hawaiin inspired. Poke anyone?


Bring back Athens Cafe! There was always a lot of energy there especially during the World Cup.


I liked this place overall, but as mentioned in the comments to many other stories the service left a lot to be desired considering the price points. Plenty of other brunch spots in that area, and they didn’t do enough to stand out- which is sad, I liked the concept. I wish they’d sold versions of the staff t-shirts, they were cool.


Really sad to see it go! We live around the corner and have to walk pas it every day to and from work. Besides the fact that the food was great and the servers were all really friendly, it was just really nice to have people out and about on the sidewalk at all hours. I hope the next thing that goes in there is just as good.


I adored this place! I was there with a friend for brunch the day it was 0’F outside earlier this year! Had not been in the past couple of months! the staff was very friendly and the food was incredible! They had nice music events too from time to time and daily specials! I was shocked to read this! Where will they opening really?


I think they mean “elevated train” when they say L. That could mean they’re staying in the same location, and maybe opening up a smokehouse (just a guess).

Michael Szmyga

“L” is a reference to the elevated train line. At least that’s what we grew up calling it in the Bx! So it’s a clue that they’ll be back in the same spot as a BBQ joint.

Maria stoupakis

The L is not referring to the “L” line . We Astorians/ New Yorkers who were born and raised here call the elevated trains the L . So Burnside Buisvuits is in 30th avr under the L !


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