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Aug 11, 2016

Euromarket Seized By the State of NY

Euromarket, one of Astoria’s favorite shops for beer, cured meats, and European goodies, has been seized by the City of NY.

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**UPDATED 8.13: Looks like owner Panayiotis Menikou has taken to Go Fund Me for some much needed cash. $200k in fact (and looks like they owe about $218,014.80 in sales taxes according to this article.) Some highlights, copied verbatim from their fundraising page:

“We have to open this store ASAP because a lot of merchendise will go bad, people wait outside for thair everyday needs that they got used to it, kids from all over this area ask for their favorite chocolates and candies.”

“Due to malpractice from his accounter he ownes the State of New York money for taxes and thay seized the store.”

So what do you all make of this latest development? 


While perusing Twitter this morning, I saw the bad news:

Euromarket (30-42 31st Street) is a staple in this town, a great place to get beer and cured meats, among many, many other delicious things.


Photo credit: Harris Graber via the We Heart Astoria Flickr pool

According to the paperwork displayed on the window, they didn’t pay their taxes (love it or hate it, it’s wise to always pay your taxes, because they will find you). We’ve also heard rumors of funny business with wages, but again—this is just a rumor. My experience in there was always positive—nice folks who worked there.

Euromarket often made it to lists of top international food markets around the city. Notable inclusions are in these Gothamist and About articles. Interestingly enough, they were closed down about a year ago, but that was due to bad refrigerators. My hope is that they open back up, clear up their tax issues, and pay their debts to whomever they owe them to.

If you know additional details, please feel free to leave a comment.

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I love, love, love Euromarket, but bad business practices (especially cheating on your taxes) are no-one’s fault or responsibility but the business owner’s )or accountant, if there was one).


NOOOOOO!!!! I go occasionally but man the food there is great… and it’s a waste if the state just lets it sit / rot… also they have a very extensive beer collection too.


Sorry, I used to work for a tax attorney a million years ago, and I also helped a friend out whose small business was in arrears because of fraud on the part of his accountant (who is now in Club Fed; he was skimming from all of his clients). The upshot is that the City, State,and Feds will ALWAYS offer a reasonable payment plan in the case of back taxes owed for ANY reason usually, unless it’s outright fraud/refusal to pay. My friend’s business had accrued $500K in back taxes over 15 years. At the end of the day, he was able to negotiate it down to remove all interest and penalties, which chopped it to a little under $250K. It took him years but he gradually paid it off, never missing a monthly payment and paying more than he had to on the months that he could. End result=he still has his business and his good name. During my time at the tax attorney we worked out deals for many, many small business owners who either got jammed up on their payroll taxes or other fees and if the business owner truly wanted to come clean there was ALWAYS a payment plan to be worked out. For the State to shut Euromarket down outright shows deeper problems IMHO–either not being able to show a legitimate effort at bookkeeping, or just trying to get out of paying back anything. Accountant error and fraud happens, but you still owe those taxes. Frankly, if you’re screwing your employees, you had BETTER be on the point with your taxes because you’ll be in double trouble if you ever get caught, which is what sounds like is happening here. I would ask the owner to fess up and start making those payments, because once the State/Feds are on to you, any lying is going to make things much much worse. Come clean and take your lumps, or pick up some REALLY thick books to read on your upcoming trip to Club Fed.


Don’t kid yourself. ‘”Two things youcan’t hide from…death and taxes”.
Yep, they’ll get you in the end.


I was actually in there tonight shortly after 10 p.m. I have known “Pete,” the owner, for 31 years, since he and his brother opened the now defunct Cyprus Deli. I have lived in Astoria for almost 40% of my nearly 60 years on this earth. I have pictures and videos of my trip there tonight, but do not know how to post them.

I was very happy to see Pete, and he assured me the store will stay open. I go there mainly for his huge imported and craft beer selection, along with fabulous prices on most. As someone who has sort of always regarded Astoria as his “home” neighborhood, it did my heart good to see this place open. It has become a staple store for many in the area, and a lot of people come from out of the area because of the array of fine and unusual products that can be found.

Astoria is very convenient to Manhattan, and when I’m in the city it’s not hard to find an excuse to head across the river to Euromarket for a few beers when I have some free time. I have two good friends in the neighborhood, so I get there fairly often anyway.

Theresa C

I hope it doesn’t open back up. They really have some nerve with that Gofundme page. If you can’t function as a legitimate business, you don’t deserve to have one!! No sympathy from me


If it doesn’t open back up (which I hope it does). it’d make a good space for a Trader Joes.


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