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Jul 18, 2016

What’s Up With Butcher Bar? Pizza, That’s What.

An update on the developments at Butcher Bar on 30th Avenue.

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I received this photo in my inbox with the question, “What’s happening at second butcher bar spot?!”


I emailed Matthew Katakis, the owner of Butcher Bar, asking what their plans were, and he replied, “Pizzeria coming soon!”

It looks like the plywood is up at 37-10 30th Avenue, the space they expanded into last year. But the DOB indicates it’s 37-08 30th Avenue that is getting the double deck pizza oven, a new 6 burner stove, charbroiler, Salamander, and deep fryer. That’s also been the location of their butcher shop for a since the start.

Last year, he wasn’t sure what to do with the space, which also has a backyard. I guess pizza it is! As to details of the pizza—like what kind/style, will it incorporate barbecue, not to mention will there be good salads (as is often the case at pizzerias)—those are unclear. But because there’s a butcher shop on site and a true enjoyment of meat among the staff, tasty options in that area will likely be available on the pizzas.

Pizza is not unknown in that part of Astoria, with Antika and Via Trenta nearby, as well as Rizzo’s around the proverbial corner on Steinway; Milkflower on 31st Ave is not far, either. It’s all quality stuff, so the pizza coming out of this new venture from the Butcher Bar family of restaurants (the future Blend Astoria and current Pita Pan being the other two, as well as Butcher Bar’s location in Manhattan and the LIC Flea) has some pretty stiff competition.

We’ll pass on any information we get as this story develops.

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