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Apr 03, 2013

Astoria BBQ Anyone?

Astoria BBQ – top 5 places for BBQ in Astoria and LIC

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While strolling on 30th Avenue this week, on my way to Sugarfreak, I caught a whiff of something good.  Something smoky.  Realizing it was the BBQ meat coming from Butcher Bar, I started to reflect on some of my favorite BBQ eats that I wanted to share with you through this photo post.  What are some of your top choices for ‘cue?

IMG_3155Pulled pork sandwich at Butcher Bar, 37-08 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.606.8140

casuela tasting mexibbqMake-your-own bbq brisket tacos at MexiBBQ, 37-11 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.0333

IMG_1382BBQ ribs at Ovelia’s Rock ‘n Ribs Wednesdays, 34-01 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.721.7217

bbq platterBBQ ribs platter at The Strand Smokehouse – tastes great with Carolina-style BBQ sauce.  25-27 Broadway, Astoria

combo plate (main)BBQ chicken, pulled pork, brisket platter at John Brown Smokehouse, 10-43 44th Drive, LIC.  347.617.1120

Burnt ends1After an astounding reaction about John Brown Smokehouse, one of our readers, Andrew just had to share this additional picture of their burnt ends sandwich.  It looks obscenely good!



The restaurant itself looks awesome — lots of good beer and cool bands and what seems to be a great vibe. It’s the backyard that’s worrisome. I’ve lived in the adjacent building for 14 years and I’d never been woken from a dead sleep before this winter, when even just a few people in the garden made a serious racket. This summer might really suck. If you go to Strand, please stay inside or on the patio on the Broadway side. The neighbors (who really do love Astoria!) will thank you.


There’s also a giant sign in front of Strand asking patrons to be considerate to neighbors. I never experienced anything bad there.


John Brown hands down! How do I submit a picture?! I will win you over with a burnt end sandwich picture that I took that even just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Anyone craving a little heat in their BBQ needs to try his ghost pepper bbq sauce that is to die for. John Brown Smokehouse is BBQ, not just some roasted meat imposter!


Would love to try the Strand, but good friends live near there and they are inconsiderate to their neighbors.


I have to say, after being attacked online by the chief evangelist from the Astoria Crescent group, and pressured to state an opinion I could not make because I hadn’t spent time at Strand, all in an atmosphere of hostility, it is hard for me to listen to their argument. No one likes being treated that way and it does their mission a disservice.


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