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Jun 16, 2016

A Quick First Look at Flattopps!

  You guys. Flattopps is here! Okay, not 100% officially here, since their grand opening is likely not until July 16th, but they have softly opened, and are serving up (…)

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You guys. Flattopps is here! Okay, not 100% officially here, since their grand opening is likely not until July 16th, but they have softly opened, and are serving up a first look at their menu from approximately 5pm-10pm most nights.

Of course we had to try it! As expected, the food is kooky, the staff is awesome (our bartender Sarah was especially cool), and the environment is just lots of fun. It has a nostalgic retro feel, with red diner-esque stools at the bar, vintage video games, and mostly old-school hip hop providing the evening’s soundtrack.

We tried a few things on the menu, and can report that the crazy, imaginative minds of the Queens Comfort kitchen have cooked up a whole new level of unexpected combinations that somehow work.

I had read on the Astoria Reddit page that the Pastrami Bombs were a go-to appetizer, so I had to give them a try. They’re made with Yukon Gold potatoes, homemade pastrami, Gruyere cheese, cornichon, and Chinese mustard, which somehow combine into a very tasty, satisfying starter or snack. Our bartender Sarah mentioned that the pastrami takes seven days to make in-house, so the staff is definitely making quality a priority, even with small dishes.



The first burger we tried was the Flattopp Original, a simple patty with American cheese and grilled onions on a bun. They definitely have crazier burgers on the menu, but I wanted to see if they were giving the classics just as much attention as the zany items, and the results were awesome. The taste reminded me of burgers of my childhood, enjoyed at neighborhood outdoor restaurants┬ámy family would stop by after softball games or movies. They’re really nailing the nostalgia thing.



A burger I did NOT have in my childhood was the Gucci Mane: a beef patty with raspberry jam, Cap’n Crunch-crusted bacon, and Gruyere cheese served on French Toast Brioche. This combo shouldn’t work, but it all somehow combines for a really awesome bite. A very rich, heavy bite, but an addictive one.


Although their food menu may change before their official launch, I did snap a quick picture of what they’re currently serving up. (It’s admittedly a little blurry, but you should be able to get a general idea.) I’m definitely curious to try their vegan offerings on a future visit, as well as the Apricot Short Rib Sliders and other creative burgers.



Have you checked out Flattopps yet? Let us know what you think!

Flattopps (33-06 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria)

About Lindsay Goyette

Lindsay has been eating and drinking her way through Queens since 2011. A casting director by day and Astoria explorer by night, you can usually find her checking out live music, theatre, or the newest neighborhood spot to enjoy a craft beer.


Pete J.

Ooof, that food sounds/looks pretty gross. Who eats like this? The two sad vegan items are lip service, no vegans are going to eat here.


i just can’t get on board with this. as a resident of almost ten years i’d never order a sandwich named Gucci Mane or a Murda Burger

seems like the whole thing is just a gimmick.

also, the Ditty down the block has arcade games also, and a much less douchey / hipster vibe.


Lol. They will most likely change the name. I guess they did not think that one through. Ha! what were thinking?


There are a few questionably named items on the menu that verge on cultural insensitivity at best… but yeah naming that specific dish as “ghetto blasters” is literally racist.


How is ghetto blaster racist? It’s literally an old school city term for a boom box


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