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Mar 18, 2016

Ovelia Psistaria New Menu Tasting

As Astoria continues to grow, the connection to our Greek roots remain strong. Ovelia Psistaria has always approached Greek cooking with a modern flair while respecting their family roots. After (…)

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Ovelia_Full Menu spot As Astoria continues to grow, the connection to our Greek roots remain strong. Ovelia Psistaria has always approached Greek cooking with a modern flair while respecting their family roots. After returning home from a trip to the Greek Isles, the brothers Giannakas were inspired and decided the time was right for a new approach to their dishes.

Ovelia_Full Drinks Ovelia’s brand new menu is bolder, with deeper flavor notes that come from traditional Anatolian cooking. Anatolia cooking reflects flavors of what we consider modern day Turkey or the Asia Minor region. Although the inspiration was jump started with a trip, the brothers have always had Anatolian dishes crop up in their family history and the dinner table. The WHA crew was treated like family during our tasting, and experienced a smorgasbord of dishes from the new menu. Check out some of the overwhelming crowd favorites.

Ovelia_Greek PizzaVegetarians look away for the first dish! Everyone at the table agreed that one of our favorite dishes was the Lahmatzoun. A thin crispy piece of flatbread with a thick layer of minced pork, lamb, and beef (yeah…pork, lamb, AND beef). Topped with a light layer of chopped purple onions and parsley. Simple presentation, simple ingredients, but we ate the ENTIRE thing.

Ovelia_Fish KebabsIf you like your seafood local, the salmon used in this kebabs dish, is sourced from right up the street from Ovelia at the Ocean Fish Market. With their new menu, you’ll see more fish options as part of the Antolian region is coastal. These Solomos Kebabs (aka Salmon Kebabs) are nestled on tabbouleh, with a light drizzle of Greek yogurt pesto. The salmon was excellently prepared, flaky and moist, and that pesto sauce was so good, I would ask for an extra if I had it again.

Ovelia_Wild Rice SaladA big focus of the new Ovelia menu is an attention to an increased variety of small plates. Patrons are encouraged to share dishes, and share a dining experience. A great dish to share? The above Garidopilafo; wild rice, chickpeas, shrimp, and curry seasoning. The rice and chickpeas give it bite, and the curry gives it a nice subtle heat/spice flavor.

Ovelia_Noodle DishThis Tas Kebab is a beef stew with a dollap of Greek yogurt on top of cut pasta. This is a dish that changes depending on the day. Sometimes the stew is served over fries, or rice. You never know what carb is in store. This was a hearty fill-you-up, comfort dish. I hope to come back on a day with fries…because I feel like the food comfort would go to a whole new place.

Ovelia_Bone MarrowLast but certainly not least Myelo ton Oston, or for you non-Greek speakers, bone marrow! Roasted with sea salt, thyme, black pepper, and rosemary; this bone marrow was like butter baby!  This dish is why mini-spoons were created.

Ovelia_Bar Drinks It should be noted that along with this new food menu, there are a bunch of new cocktails that we sipped our way through. We would suggest the Soumada Sour, third from the left above; made with Makers Mark, Soumada, and fresh lemon and lime juice. It was the crowd favorite. To say we left our tasting feeling a little tipsy would be an understatement…

As usual there is no way I could take pictures of this quality. A big “thank you” to the one and only Marielle Solan!

Ovelia Psistaria (34-01 30th Ave, Astoria) | (718) 721-7217)
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