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Apr 21, 2016

Tapioca Story Out, Morning Bee. In On 30th Avenue

Tapioca Story, one of Astoria’s first bubble tea spots, has closed, and in its place is Morning Bee., offering crepes, bubble tea, and coffee.

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One of Astoria’s first dedicated bubble tea spots is gone—Tapioca Story served decent bubble tea, and later expanded their food options (dumplings, noodles, buns), but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep them going. A new business, called Morning Bee. (yes, with a period) has opened in its place, offering “Coffee, Milk Tea&Crepe”. Yes, you read that right: crepe. Did I not call the crepe invasion of Astoria? This helps solidify that prediction.

We’ve reached out both to Tapioca Story’s old phone number and the new Morning Bee. phone number, which is not taking voicemail or picking up calls. We’re definitely curious about this place and hope their food and drink is tasty. We’ll pass on more info as we get it.

Morning Bee. (27-22 30th Avenue, Astoria)

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