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Oct 12, 2015

10 Amazing Astoria Shops for Halloween Costumes, Party Supplies, & Inspiration

Halloween is right around the corner! The good news is you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to get everything you need for an awesome costume or supplies for your party. From (…)

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Halloween is right around the corner! The good news is you don’t have to leave the neighborhood to get everything you need for an awesome costume or supplies for your party. From cheap to trendy, Queens has plenty of options for whatever you’re looking for. Check out our suggestions below for some of our favorite spots for awesome Halloween finds.

And we have to ask…what are you being for Halloween? Where do you go to get what you need? Share your Halloween ideas in the comments!

Loveday 31

Loveday 31 is your place for retro looks with modern fits. The shoe selection is also fantastic, especially for cowboy boots. Here’s to investing in a Halloween costume that involves pieces you can actually wear again! They are also great for jewelry and sunglasses. Since this is a small boutique and many of the pieces are altered for cute fits, this won’t be your cheapest option.

LoveDay 31 (33-06 31st Ave | (718) 728-4057)


Rudy’s Hobby & Art

Being something historical? Looking for super glue or religious ephemera?  Tucked away on 30th Ave is an old hobby shop that can be used for inspiration, retro decorations for parties, and has art supplies like paints. Note, Rudy’s is cash only and is closed Sunday through Tuesday.


Rudy's Hobby Shop Astoria NY TimesPhoto via New York Times
Rudy’s Hobby & Art (3516 30th Ave | (718) 545-8280)



I’ve thrown multiple parties essentially fully made possible by Deals. They have everything you need for parties in general like cups, plates, table clothes, candy, snack food, frozen food, cleaning supplies, bowls, platters…everything! Of course, as you can imagine, it’s cheap. You could get all the above for a party of around 10 people for less than $20. They also always have a holiday section, so you’ll see lots of Halloween candy, costumes, decorations, lights, and more. Everything in this place is of course cheap, so it’s a great spot to try to find costume knick knacks and accessories.

Photo by Cheryl B. on Yelp

Deals (31-72 31st St | (718) 721-0650)    

The Bargain Stop

Bargain Stop doesn’t have food or candy, but they have basically everything else including super cheap clothing basics. This is a great place to get shirts and clothes to zombify or not worry about tossing after the big day. There are also plenty of miscellaneous things like school and art supplies, furniture, accessories, and lots of other goodies need for creative costumes or inspiration. They also have cheap paper goods and party supplies like serving platters.

Photo via Kirsten S. of Yelp

The Bargain Stop (3302 30th Ave | (718) 777-0797)    

Lockwood & Lockwood Style

For super chic party supplies, knick knacks, and accessories for your Halloween outfits, Lockwood & Lockwood Style have a lot to offer as you gear up for the holiday. Lockwood Style a great place to search for those clutch outfit pieces like shoes, scarves, sunglasses, and statement pieces that you’ll keep wearing after the party. Lockwood has fun and interesting items that could add to your costume and help you put together a super trendy party (think paper straws and perfect little paper confetti packets, and Tattly). LockwoodStyle1_smLockwood Shop (32-15 33rd Street, Astoria, 718.626.6030) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter  

All the Stores on Steinway

Ah, Steinway. A place where you can find everything from big names like Express and Victoria’s Secret to cheap as hell stores like Easy Pickings and Prima Donna. There is no shortage costume jewelry, outrageous footwear, and if you’re aiming to be a sexy version of something, body con dresses galore. Start at 31st Ave and Steinway and by the time you’re at Broadway and Steinway, you’ll have seen tons of options. I’ve personally pulled together my entire costume from Express — a 90s grunge Nirvana lover.  

Thrift Stores

Astoria is home to a wide variety of thrift stores from upscale boutiques like LoveDay31 to resellers like Buffalo Exchange to good old Goodwills, we have it all. Want to learn more about some of the best places to thrift? Check out our rundown of great choices in the neighborhood.  

Yelp photo courtesy of J.S.

Yelp photo courtesy of J.S.


The Brass Owl

This Ditmars spot has plenty of clothes, shoes, and accessories to put together an awesome and trendy Halloween costume. Bonus! On Thursday Oct. 15 at 8pm they are hosting a free DIY Halloween workshop, featuring  tips on how to build a Halloween costume from your closet along with a makeup demo, and wine and cheese.
The Brass Owl (36-19 Ditmars Blvd | (347) 848-0905)


Ricky’s NYC

This is a serious Halloween spot for anyone. This is where you go for your facepaint, nail polish in every color imaginable, all sorts of tights, crazy hair accessories, wigs, outragous makeup, body jewels, boas, tattoos, fake eyelashes, ears, and “pre-made” Halloween costumes.

Ricky’s NYC (30-83 Steinway St | (718) 274-1290) |Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Broadway Silks

I consider Broadway Silks a hidden gem. It’s a fabulous spot for great and affordable jewelry ($12 necklaces, $7 earrings, etc) so it’s an awesome place to find interesting and funky jewelry for costumes. For you serious DIY-ers out there, it’s also where you can get all sorts of fabric.

Photo via Isabella D. on Yelp

Broadway Silk Store (35-11 Broadway | (718) 728-2519)



So, where are you getting your Halloween supplies? What are you going to dress up as? Where are you going for Halloween? Share any Halloween ideas and plans in the comments!



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