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Jul 08, 2015

Astoria Thrifting: A Tour of Thrift & Vintage Stores in Astoria

Before Macklemore made it cool, I was a big thrift store person. I love the excitement of finding something rare and interesting — and of course, cheap! I also have (…)

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Before Macklemore made it cool, I was a big thrift store person. I love the excitement of finding something rare and interesting — and of course, cheap! I also have a record player, and love searching for awesome and random records at thrift stores as well (although, HiFi records will be great for that now!).

When I moved to Astoria I was excited to see there was a variety of options for people to get their thrift on. From high-end to low-brow, here are some of Astoria’s best thrift and vintage spots:

Loveday 31

Loveday is great for folks who don’t like searching too hard for great items. The owner actually does alterations to modernize a lot of pieces, but in a way that they still maintain the retro look and feel. They also have a great selection of boots, shoes, and jewelry.

33-06 31st Ave | (718) 728-4057


Yelp via Kassie S.

Goodness Gracious Thrift Shoppe

Goodness Gracious is packed and crowded, so definitely recommended for seasoned thrifters. It may take longer for you to find the good stuff, but it’s worth checking out.

3013 30th Ave | (718) 777-0494
Yelp Photo courtesy of Abi Z

Yelp Photo courtesy of Abi Z

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange has chain street cred and is more curated than your average Salvo’s or Goodwill. Check here for hip clothing from big chains and major labels. They might buy some of your clothes from you, if you’re cool enough.

29-16 Ditmars Blvd | (718) 274-2054


Yelp photo courtesy of J.S.

Yelp photo courtesy of J.S.


Ditmars Thrift Shop Donation Center

Nothing too fancy about this thrift shop, but they do make it really easy to donate clothes and quickly grab a tax exempt slip.

3120 Ditmars Blvd | (718) 545-2529


ditmars thrift


Salvation Army

This one is huge,  organized well, and on the low end of prices. Not only can you find clothing, you can get full sized furniture and household goods. The jewelry section isn’t as robust as other Salvation Armies, which was one sad thing for me, since one of my favorite things to buy at Salvos are the big bags of costume jewelry. Fun fact, the past few years they’ve run a big Labor Day weekend sale.
3402 Steinway St | (718) 472-2414
Yelp Photo courtesy of Oje I.

Yelp Photo courtesy of Oje I.


Bonus: Where to Get Your Thrift Store Finds Altered

Sometimes you find the “perfect” items…but they need some alterations to actually be perfect. Lots of laundry mats also offer alteration services. My favorite is Chic Cleaners on 30th Ave (3005 30th Ave | 718-932-3125). I’ve had them alter thrift dresses and turn men’s items into more feminine fits.


What are your favorite spots for thrifting? Share in the comments!


Amanda P

I’m not sure what it’s called now, but it used to be the Goodwill on Steinway Street outside of the R train stop (Broadway exit). It’s a different thrift shop now, but it’s amazing. I find a ton of stuff there and they have a great selection. It’s well organized and downstairs they have walls of books as well as furniture and household items. Def a must stop if you’re in the area. (And they take cards as well!)


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