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Sep 24, 2014

We Heart Astoria Food Talk – Savory Fall Food

Food Talk explores savory fall food such as the okonomiyaki at Mu Ramen, the meze tasting at Zenon Taverna, Bear’s veal dumplings and more.

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Fall is officially here! How do we know? Just have a look at the below slew of fall-time dishes.  Relax, savor and enjoy!

marble-potato-salad-the-queens-kickshaw-astoria-queensMmmm we’ve recently spied a fall menu at the Queens Kickshaw and it looks mighty inviting!  40-17 Broadway, Astoria.  718.777.0913

Image by Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

Image by Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

Likewise, Grubstreet shows off the upcoming Mu Ramen’s okonomiyaki (aka savory Japanese cabbage pancake).  12-09 Jackson Avenue, LIC

Zenon Taverna 010Last week, I dined at the always delicious, traditional Greek stand-by Zenon Taverna.  I can’t stress enough what a great deal their Cypriot Meze Meal is – including 16 items (yes you read right) for $21.95.  34-10 31st Avenue, Astoria. 718.956.0133

Image by Bear

Image by Bear

Looks like the fall menu is in full effect at our favorite Russian local eatery, Bear.  Just take a look at these beautiful veal handmade dumplings! 12-14 31st Avenue, Astoria.  917.396.4939


Seems like we’re not the only ones that loved Tacuba last week.  Take a look at Eater’s write-up and photos that capture the space beautifully.  35-01 36th Street, Astoria. 718.786.2727

Il Bambino soupNothing says fall like the fresh soups at Il Bambino, which are now officially back on the menu.  Check in with them daily, as flavors change.  34-08 31st Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.0087

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