Sep 02, 2014

Some Scenes from This Year’s 30th Avenue Street Fair

What a day on 30th Avenue yesterday! Seemed like most of Astoria was out and about, enjoying/managing the hot weather and filling up on grilled meats, corn, and cannolis, among (…)

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What a day on 30th Avenue yesterday! Seemed like most of Astoria was out and about, enjoying/managing the hot weather and filling up on grilled meats, corn, and cannolis, among other things. Here are some shots we took yesterday while wandering down the avenue.

Here we haveĀ “Castle Burger.” Hmm… sounds familiar…


There was a lot of delicious smelling meat here.


One of the best things at the street fair—a perfect summer image.


Yes, you could get the classic funnel cake.


Queens and Astoria themed tshirts.


Nice fresh fruit from United Brothers.


These flat slabs of meat looked amazing on the upright barbecue!


Lots of tasty looking things here.


The mozzarepa lives!


Even the Sham-WOW guy was there doing demonstrations.


Colorful baskets.


I ate one of their cannolis and it was excellent.


An interesting place for a mobile coffee shop.


We spotted this balloon guy toward the end.


We hope you had a great time, Astoria!

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Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.



I had really been looking forward to this and even invited several friends from the city to come. What a bust though! Where was the open air beer garden that was advertised on the flyer? 35-38th Streets were practically empty with barely any food from what I could see.

We got a $15 brisket sandwich that was horribly overpriced from a BBQ vendor that at first I assumed was Butcher Bar.

Overall it was hugely a bummer.


Honestly, I was disappointed by the whole thing. Same garbage stands selling garbage stuff – and the blatant trademark infringement of the Brooklyn Brewery’s logo on the T shirt above was really the icing on the cake.


The Astoria Eats thing from 35th-38th was a flop from what I could tell… this was no different from the usual street fairs (not that i’m complaining). The only place with a stand set up that was listed on the Astoria Eats promo was Marketa and they only offered Sangria and a french toast dish.

Erin Smith

I went to the fair on Monday, hoping to find some food at the Astoria Eats event. I was there at 4pm and didn’t see much more than the usual street fair vendors. Did I miss something? Was there an actual event earlier in the day?


Mid-day, I saw Dough, Frittering Away (who is at the Fleas), fancy coffee, a couple of nice jewelry stands, and a stand that sold beautiful baskets. All these things raise the level – it may have not been enough for Astorians, though. The Astoria and LIC Flea has really affected things, I think, with the interesting food options each week. Hopefully the organizers will be listening and take the constructive criticism to heart.


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