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Jun 13, 2014

New Summer Eats at Rest-au-Rant

New summer dishes at Rest-au-rant including fried artichoke hearts, PEI mussels, RAR Bar Sliders, green salad with fried chickpeas and more.

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Excited about new spring and summer menus that are popping up in Astoria and LIC, we recently had the opportunity to try out the new summer eats at Rest-au-Rant.  One of the best kept secrets (really, it was voted as such in our Best of Astoria poll), Rest-au-Rant always offers something unique and interesting in a laid back setting.  Here are a few highlights from our most recent visit:

White Sangria


Although I don’t think it’s technically a new item on their cocktail menu, I’ve never had it here before.  Loving the large size, it not only quenched my thirst but also elevated the mood, so to speak.  The fresh fruit on top was super refreshing. – Judith

This is the perfect drink to sip in the summer. Light, fruity, and just enough wine to make you feel relaxed. -Emily

Fried Artichoke Hearts


I think we can agree this was a big winner of the night, as the artichokes were fried to perfection and boasted a tender juicy middle that didn’t at all have that tough texture it sometimes gets a bad rap for.  The lemon ricotta dip, which was served alongside this dish was totally bangin’ and added some zing. – Judith

I love, love, loved these little bites. Looking forward to having many of these over drinks with friends soon. -Mackenzi

After eating these at our tasting I couldn’t help but talk them up to my hubs, we went back to R’A’R the next night, and had two (yep two) orders of this amazing dish. Big favorite of mine! -Emily

PEI Mussels


For a staunch seafood fan, these meaty mussels totally delivered on excellent texture and surprising flavor, bathed in a spicy tomato broth with ginger.  – Judith

The ginger was such an interesting addition to the broth, is was super fragrant, and the mussels had just a little of that spicy kick to them. -Emily

Green Salad


Contrary to its simple name, this was anything but an ordinary green salad, as it contains semi dry tomatoes, salty capers, parsley and the most irresistible fried chickpeas.  We popped the chickpeas like candy, and were delighted by their crispy shell and surprised by the tender middle.  – Judith

I really enjoyed the combination of flavors in this salad. The capers and chickpeas give a nice saltiness which contrasted nicely with the sweet tomatoes and greens. -Mackenzi

You had me at fried chickpeas…-Emily

Puy Lentil and Spinach Salad


A bright medley of fresh spinach, red cabbage, green lentils and sauteed onions, this salad offered a lot of meatiness and heft despite its veggie components.  We asked for the crispy lardons on the side, which Em and I devoured with class ;) – Judith

Without the bacon, this is a really lovely, filling entree salad for all the veggies out there. -Mackenzi

RAR Bar Sliders


Tasting just as beautiful as they looked, I’ve never had a slider this rich and stacked so high.  Boasting a perfectly cooked beef patty that was topped with crisped pork belly, roasted sundried tomato and if that’s not enough, a slice of gooey fried brie, as well.  I could’ve easily gotten full off just one! – Judith

By the time the sliders were brought to the table I was stuffed, so I took one of these home with me. Even as a midnight snack this was a great little (actually in this case BIG!) slider. -Emily

Beet/Lentil/Avocado Sandwich


The ultimate veggie combination, this was chock full of freshness, packed with all of my favorite things, including lots of avocado.  Once again a hearty combination, I wasn’t craving a meaty substitute and appreciated the flavorful veggies – the beets were especially delicious and glazed in a balsamic vinaigrette. – Judith

This is totally a shareable sized portion! Bring a friend and split this vegan sandwich and save room for Tina’s tasty salads or if you’re feeling decadent, desserts. The seed-filled bread was the perfect choice, and I’ll be back for more. -Mackenzi

So whether you like your meat or appreciate vegetables, we hope you check out these tasty new bites at Rest-au-Rant.  Stop in on Monday for all night happy hour, Tuesday for comedy or Thursday for live music performances.

Rest-au-Rant – 30-01 35th Avenue, LIC.  718.729.9009

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