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Aug 26, 2013

We Heart Brunch at Rest-au-Rant

Recap of the delicious Rest-au-Rant brunch including chicken and waffles, veggie sliders, guacamole, huevos rancheros and more.

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It’s been a little while now since Rest-au-Rant, one of our favorite cafes/wine bars in the nabe starting serving brunch.  Eager to try it for quite a while, our busy summer schedules delayed us until last week when the three of us has a chance to sit down and properly sample a big portion of the brunch menu.  It was totally worth the wait and then some–the rich menu catering to both meat eaters (hello pork!) and vegetarians.  Read on to find out about some of our must-trys.

rar bar exterior It was fun to share everything on the menu, which is served in generous portions.  We recommend sharing a few different entrees if you’d like to sample a smorgasbord of goodies. Starting with…

Bacon Jam

bacon jam rar barHaving tried this signature delicacy at the Taste of LIC as well as at our recent We Heart Astoria Food Fest at Shore Fest, it yet again hit the spot.  The spread is rich, smokey and laced with caramelized onions, which I love.  A blanket of gooey brie cheese makes it a totally over the top starter.  – Judith

I’ve found that there isn’t a bacon jam I don’t like, and Rest-au-Rant’s is in line with this sentiment. It was quite tasty—smoky, sweet, and topped with brie! Decadent the max, but that’s just the ticket for brunch. -Meg

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros rar barEager to see what RAR’s version of this would be, I was intrigued by the grilled polenta that sat at the base.  The eggs were nice and runny in the middle and the tomatoes chunky and sweet – however I was craving more of those hearty black beans.  – Judith

I’m a huge huevos rancheros fan, and these are a nice twist on the classic. I agree with Judith, the tomatoes are great and those black beans were delectable. -Mackenzi

The Cuban

Cuban RAR barAppreciating the crispy bread which hugged the contents of this Cuban, I enjoyed its heartiness.  The pork belly base was super rich but was cut with the tanginess of the pickled relish.  This is definitely a share item in my book, or maybe a good hangover cure ;) – Judith


Guacamole*Note – this item is available on Rest-au-Rant’s dinner menu*

I’ve been hearing a lot about RAR’s guacamole, and now I’m glad I finally got to try it.  It lives up to the hype, and then some, with a creamy texture that’s juxtaposed with chunky veggies such as tomato, onion and pepper.  The homemade tortilla chips that are served with it are the perfect vehicle for this versatile dip.  – Judith

I couldn’t get enough of this guacamole! It was one of my favorite things at our brunch. Loved how it came in a molcajete, a traditional tool for grinding up the guac, which is made to order. I normally don’t care for tomatoes or green pepper in my guacamole, but it works here. The texture was also lovely—soft and smooth. -Meg

This is pretty perfect guac. We all know I’m a big (big!) fan of the stuff; this is certainly a guacamole to add to my best of list. I can’t wait to go back and have a big bowl of this over cocktails with friends. -Mackenzi

Chicken and Waffles

chicken and waffles rar barNot knowing what to expect out of this dish, I was totally blown away.  Both the chicken and the waffle really shined, with the chicken boasting a crunchy outside and a soft and moist inside.  Each bite was heaven and I loved the sweet glaze on top that melded perfectly with the soft fluffy waffle.  Meg was in love as well, and we polished this baby to the last bite.  – Judith

This was my absolute favorite dish at brunch. I used to eat chicken and waffles in Oakland, and haven’t had them for years, so after seeing this set down at our table, I was pretty excited! The waffle itself was soft and fluffy, and the organic chicken atop it had a bit of a crunch to the coating with a crazy delicious savory sauce on it. It was also moist, which is no easy feat with chicken breast. I also loved the spicy orange jam around the edge of the plate, which matched everything perfectly. I would absolutely get this again—highly recommended. -Meg

Vegetarian Eggs Benedict

Vegetarian eggs benedict rar barIt’s not often that you find a vegetarian Eggs Benedict on a brunch menu, so I was curious as to how I’d like it.  The veggies that rested underneath the egg were nice and earthy, consisting of mushrooms, onions, peppers and zucchini.  My favorite aspect though was the perfectly poached egg with a silky smooth inside that served as coating for the veggies.  – Judith

Frisee Salad

Frisee salad with a fried egg rar bar*Note – this item is available on Rest-au-Rant’s dinner menu*

Although this dish is technically on the regular menu, it’s a great thing to order for brunch.  Despite bursts of richness from the fried poached egg and the lardon, this salad is mostly made up of fresh, seasonal frisee greens that are slightly bitter in flavor.  Maybe they’ll even omit the lardons for vegetarians, if you ask nicely :) – Judith

It’s true! They will omit the lardons. I had several bites of this salad- and it’s delicious. The addition of blue cheese really gives quite the punch, and the croutons were perfectly crisp and delicious. -Mackenzi

Veggie Slider

Veggie slider rar bar*Note – this item is available on Rest-au-Rant’s dinner menu*

Always eager to try a veggie slider, I have a pretty high expectations, given the excellent veggie slider option at 5 Napkin Burger.  RAR’s held its own with a hearty burger pattie that contains some earthy grains and is topped with a chunky tomato salsa.  I also enjoyed the fresh, butter brioche roll that enveloped all those meaty veggies.  – Judith

I’ve had a veggie slider (or two. or ten) in my day, and this one is right up there with the best. I loved the chewy, earthy grains and almost sweet tomato relish that sits atop the patty. This could easily pair well with a beer or glass of wine for a lighter veggie dinner, too. -Mackenzi

Cheese Ravioli with Truffles

truffle ravioli rar bar*Note – this item is available on Rest-au-Rant’s dinner menu*

Yes, this dish was total overload after everything we else tried, but we just couldn’t resist the cheesy goodness – and when someone says truffles, I’m there and waiting.  You can certainly tell these are homemade by their rustic shape and delicate texture that’s so so good.  The cheese is tangy and creamy and you get that nice truffle essence with each bite, which is divine.  – Judith

Ravioli with cream sauce, truffles, and cheese? Sign me up! This was a nice end to the meal—sure, it was rich, but not overwhelming. It hit some of my favorite points of savory and creamy, and the texture was soft but not flaccid. I’d definitely get these again. -Meg

Um, these are awesome!! I’ll totally be back for these- and I’m not sharing. I loved the rich, creamy sauce and bits of truffles. A total winner. -Mackenzi

Tina RAR barA big thanks goes out to Tina, Rest-au-Rant’s owner and chef for inviting and treating us to this magical meal.  We hope it inspires you to head on over and try them for yourself.

Rest-au-Rant – 30-01 35th Avenue, LIC.  718.729.9009

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