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May 26, 2014

First Look at Lockwood & Native’s Secret Garden

A first look at Lockwood and Native Coffee Roasters’ Secret Garden pop up shop, which offers lots of plant life, coffee, delicious treats in a comfy, urban oasis.

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This weekend marked the unofficial start to the summer season and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Summertime for us means lots of time spent outdoors, eating well and enjoying the company of our fellow Astorians.  That’s why we were psyched to kick things off this weekend at Mackenzi’s inaugural Lockwood Secret Garden pop-up shop with Native Coffee Roasters.

20140524_120115Found in the back of the shop, the Secret Garden delivered exactly what it promised – a little outdoor urban oasis with a cozy vibe, lots of greenery and good drinks and food to boot.  I stopped by on Saturday morning, looking forward to getting my dose of Native’s iced coffee, which is roasted by Brian Donaldson right here in Astoria.


Greeted by Emily’s friendly smile, I knew I was in for a treat, as she showed me around, giving me a proper show and tell of the various plant life available for purchase.


plants-lockwood-secret-gardenThere’s a variety of different house plants on sale, and I especially loved the succulents, which come in both small and large sizes.  I especially loved the latter variety, as you don’t often see these as much and it inspired me to buy them in the future for a terrarium project.


baked-goods-lockwood-secret-gardenAlthough I loved all the greenery, my focus shortly shifted to the coffee and treats.  Native had a nice-looking set up towards the front left corner of the space, and needless to say, it was never devoid of customers.  I ordered a medium sized iced coffee that I finished off with a mixture of skim and almond milk.  It was great to see the different milk options offered, accommodating people with lactose allergies.

The food was also enticing, as I marveled at the pretty display of baked goods from local bakeries such as Dough and Cake Thieves.  Opting for a savory cheddar, scallion scone, I devoured each crumbly bite and loved the emerald specks of scallion that proved this to be a real homemade treat.

You can enjoy Lockwood + Native’s Secret Garden each weekend through the end of June.

Lockwood Shop33-15 33rd Street, Astoria. 718.626.6030

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