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May 16, 2013

Getting Personal with Native Coffee Roasters

We Heart Astoria gets a sneak peek into the world of founder and coffee visionary, Brian Donaldson of Native Coffee Roasters

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Today we bring you yet another little fix of caffeinated goodness in the form of an interview with Native Coffee Roasters’ founder, Brian Donaldson.  A visionary in his own right, Brian spreads the love of good coffee in our neighborhood through his labor of love (aka Native coffee). We’re big fans of his product but we also really respect Brian’s drive and enthusiasm for his craft.  We asked him a few questions, giving us (and you) a little peek into the world of a coffee genius.

WHA:  What inspired you to start Native Coffee Roasters?

BrianThe lack of small batch roasters in the NY. I was trying different roasters all over the U.S. and noticed that there wasn’t much of a roasting presence in NYC. I liked the idea of roasting coffee in the city I’m from, for the city I love. I also wanted to somehow be involved with the coffee industry while still managing a full time job. 

WHA: What makes your coffee different and unique from others in the neighborhood?

BrianIt’s roasted in Queens. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants and markets selling coffee that isn’t roasted locally. I’m here, roasting coffee that I think tastes great and putting a product in people’s hands that was made in NY. I am very focused on quality, consistency and freshness of the coffee which is the added benefit of being local. I can have the coffee in your hands the day it was roasted (you should still wait at least 24-48 hours before brewing it though).

WHA: Where do you source your coffee beans?

BrianI’ve been working with a specialty coffee importer. I only buy Fair Trade and I have some organic coffees that I haven’t started selling yet. I’ve got coffees from El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil on hand right now with a bunch of new offerings coming in the next couple of months.

WHA: What kind of eats would you recommend pairing with Native coffee?

BrianChocolate is a favorite pairing of mine for coffee. It really compliments the cup. I drink coffee all the time but it I especially like coffee and a muffin in the morning.

WHA: What do you love about Astoria?

BrianAstoria really reminds me of home. I was born and raised in Bensonhurst (BK).  I love the old school vibe of the community. Tons of good food and small businesses.

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