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Apr 15, 2014

Republic Astoria Opening Soon in Former Wholesale Meat Market Space

We mentioned Republic briefly last November: Through a WHA tip, we’ve learned that a spot at 33-29 Astoria Blvd North is going to be a restaurant. It’s approximately 2,000 square (…)

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We mentioned Republic briefly last November:

Through a WHA tip, we’ve learned that a spot at 33-29 Astoria Blvd North is going to be a restaurant. It’s approximately 2,000 square feet and will have room for 132 people. Owners are associated with the Astoria Restaurant Group, Ltd., and names like Charlie Trantides (Central, Ammos Estiatorio) are also involved, at least according to the DOB. The Place of Assembly entry indicates it will be called Republic. The bar is up, barstools are there, additional doors have been created, and lighting fixtures have gone in. This place is close to the 114th Precinct, too.

Well, they’ve come a long way and are poised to open in what seems like any day now. In early April they posted their need for staff—waiters, bartenders, bar-backs, and kitchen. They are testing pizzas, which appear to be shaped in an oblong, and plan to serve specialty cocktails and “lite Italian fare.” More:

Great, small limited food menu, consisting of woodfire pizza, salads, appetizers and dessert. Essentially turns into a night club, DJ driven with a cocktail program and bottle service.

I guess that means we’re getting yet another wood fired pizza spot. And another lounge. Here’s an example of some of their recent work:


Photo credit: Republic

They also plan to have art hanging in the space, and first up in BK artist B.D. White (he’s behind the first image in this post). The interior is fairly masculine looking, with leather backed banquettes and low lighting. It’s a bit reminiscent of Front Toward Enemy in that respect.


Photo credit: Republic

Having walked by the space many times when it was a wholesale souvlaki market, and smelling those sorts of smells that come with raw meat and hot summer days, I’m definitely intrigued and curious to see what they’ve done with the space. We’ll be interested to see what they can bring to Astoria.

Republic Astoria, 33-29 Astoria Boulevard North, Astoria NY 11103,, Facebook, Twitter

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Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.



Why is that image on the entire wall of the building? It is racist and completely unrelated to what they are selling!


It’s not racist. And by an amazing artist. You should check him out before typing whatever comes to mind.


Isn’t the point of art to bring something to mind? If what it brings to mind is “that’s racist”, then what’s wrong with saying so?


I tend to stop reading the second someplace claims to be both a restaurant and an “upscale nightclub with bottle service.” BLEH. It means that the food and booze will be overpriced and the place will have an obnoxious door policy.

Yes to keeping/treasuring/discovering a lot of the old businesses that are already in the hood. Yes to DIFFERENT new places with interesting cuisine, good prices, and a friendly, not snotty atmosphere. BOO to Brooklyn clone restaurants.


i would normally agree with you, but the pizzas are amazing and the price doesn’t top more than $16. The salads are family style and amazing. the meatballs are to die for. and the cocktails are great. i was there last week. you should try it out

Hungry Asian Girl

Went to their soft opening the other night! It’s certainly not just a pizza joint (although, the meatballs are killer and the menu has a good variety of vegetarian – and even vegan – options). At night, the vibe is lower-east-side lounge/club, sans the doucheness. Service is impeccable and the cocktails are out of this world (find the one with passion fruit in it, it’s dangerous, I swear). The DJ spun awesome throwback hip-hop and other good beats. I even danced and no one looked at me weird. There’s something about the “Tin Man” art piece hanging along the wood fired pizza oven too. He had me at hello. Oh and you can leave your mark in the bathroom, in any color! How exciting (I’m talking about chalk).

What a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I’ll be back…


Thanks for sharing your observations, Hungry! We look forward to checking it out and will keep your suggestions in mind.


I think this place looks awesome and it looks like way more than a pizza place– I see pics of a nice bar…. Hopefully a place to eat an drink and hang.

Tom Bosley

Is anyone else worried Astoria slowly turning into Park Slope? With all these New restaurants and bars that all look a like with the rustic wood with dim lighting with “mixolgist” creating seasonal cocktails. It’s kind of sad. I moved to Astoria for it’s charm, the amazing food and to get away from the McDonaldsfication which is anywhere in Brooklyn with white people.


3 wood/brick oven pizza restaurants is hardly being saturated. Keep in mind how large Astoria is and the ones you listed are all pretty spread apart. Plus this one seems unique in that it is combining pizza with cocktails/nightlife which none of the other places do.


I think we are getting too many restaurants and not enough bars!! I wish there were more “hook” up bars instead of having to go to Manhattan to hook up. Everything around here is catered to groups of friends, families and couples. Can we get some bars for us single folk?? Also it would be nice if we can get more activity type establisments. I wish we had a like a board games bars too :)!!


Basil, Milkflower, Tufino. I don’t really see the need for another upscale pizza place in a neighborhood already saturated with them.


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