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Jun 23, 2013

Lovely Surprise at the Broadway Silk Store

The Broadway Silk Store carries a variety of kitschy costume jewelry, which looks like something from Etsy at just a fraction of the price.

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20130621_183809I never cease to be amazed by Astoria’s behind-the-scenes wonders.  The Broadway Silk Store, which I’m about to shed some light on is a perfect example, as it’s really not what it seems to be.  Looking at it from the outside, I can’t recall how many times I’ve passed by it, without even trying to look inside (there really wasn’t a reason to) – until recently.

A few weeks ago, after taking the fabulous Surf Pilates class at Tone, I passed by and a few colorful things right outside the store caught my eye.  Walking in, I was totally lured in by a selection of kitschy necklaces, rings and earrings that adorned the inside of the shop as well as the small walkway leading into the shop.  I was a bit confused at this display of really cool (and affordable) costume jewelry, as I always thought this was strictly a fabric store.  Not so much…

20130609_162121Yes, its primary purpose is to sell colorful fabrics, but its clear that they’ve also supplemented their merchandise with some pretty neat jewels such as the ones above, as well as funky cell phone covers, handmade stuffed toys, mugs and other things that make for nice gifts.

20130609_162115Naturally, I snagged a pig necklace for myself for just $8, which I thought was a steal.  In fact, most of the jewelry is under $20 or $25 and looks beautifully handmade.  Reading a few reviews on Yelp, select users described it as “something you’d find on Etsy at just a fraction of the price.” I couldn’t agree more.  Ladies, if you’re looking for a quick little dazzle to add to your outfit, I’d suggest checking it out.

IMG_6950Broadway Silk Store35-11 Broadway, Astoria.  718.728.2519

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For full disclosure I know the family behind Broadway Silk Store pretty well. That does not stop me from also being a good customer.

Aside from finding cute accessories to wear at a small price, it is also the perfect place I can bring my children in for a special necklace that they can wear to the playground/ kid parties without breaking into their “allowance” too much. My oldest daughter has also bought presents for her friends there.

The inventory is also updated more frequently than you might imagine.


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