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Dec 04, 2012

Lucy Gets Glittery

We’re happy to bring you another Lucy post! -Meg My day started out with a lovely stroll to meet friends for brunch at Vesta. A spicy bloody mary with a (…)

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We’re happy to bring you another Lucy post! -Meg

My day started out with a lovely stroll to meet friends for brunch at Vesta. A spicy bloody mary with a simple elegant omelet of wild mushrooms and fontina were the perfect way start the day. Although, I did sort of envy their “Warm Bankie” of polenta, topped with mushroom, aspargus, and eggs.

Happily fortified, I started my walk back home to get caught up on work. The weather was glorious so I took the long way – stopping for a michelada and pickles at Sweet Afton. (Note to self: buy Valentina so I can make these for my next brunch.)

The weather was still stellar; in fact I couldn’t believe that Christmas was coming. Thinking about cards, gifts, decorations… if I should have a party… I remembered that a crafty friend (not Beastie Boys crafty but hot glue gun crafty) liked the “Pick 99” store on 31st Street just north of Ditmars. Getting decorations and ornaments was actually on my to do list although substantially below work, but it was none the less on the list.

Walking the block of 31st between Ditmars and 21st Avenue, I realized I wasn’t going to be getting any work done for a while.

First, I ducked into Ritz Nails for a mani/pedi (also on “the weekend list”). They had the colors I wanted, were fast and thorough plus I got to see a somewhat horrifying episode of Ice Loves Coco.

Then a quick shop around Mandee. No, I am not a 16 year old but they do occasionally have one or two interesting, inexpensive things that don’t involve glitter – not that I have anything against glitter, I just don’t like to wear it. I picked up some stockings, yet another hoody and a chunky bracelet.


My crafty friend was very much correct. Pick 99 has a vast array of glitter (shedding) ornaments in pink, orange, blue and purple along with the standard colors. My tree – no! my apartment – is going to sparkle. Loading up my baskets, it was clear that I’ll be covered in glitter for days. Maybe I should have gotten that weird white sweater with the gold-sequined  rib cage on the front at Mandee?

On the same block just doors apart, are two very different Thai places – Thai Elephant and Wave Thai – both of which have been open for years, have vaguely similiar menus, and serve beer and wine. Elephant’s decor is a bit sandard compared to Wave’s but is very comfortable. I often go to Elephant with a tribe of friends for a family style dinner. The food is simply prepared, fresh and delicious. If I’m working from home I often get the lunch special delivered and have never been disappointed. However, I decided on Wave for the sake of variety. (The Elephant delivery guy will soon be the mayor of my apartment on Foursquare if don’t start making lunch for myself.)

Wave has a more loungey vibe and is seemingly targeting the hipsters and as such the menu is a bit fussy and the wine list more diverse. Its also more expensive than Elephant. Truth be told, the larger wine list is probably the real reason I decided on Wave. The menu offers a wide range of appetizers and a few soups and salads. The entrees are divided into noodles (if memory serves, Mackenzi likes the Street Noodles) wok, curry, specialties and fried rice. For each, you can add the protein of your choice. They are super accommodating both here and at Elephant for people who want certain dishes customized.

I had a glass of chardonnay and ordered the steamed vegetarian dumplings and “Bamboo” with chicken, which is stir fried bamboo shoots, onion, bell pepper and carrots with chili and basil.


The dumplings are substantial, filled with shredded cabbage, carrot, and onion. The dipping sauce is tangy. If you like spicy, be sure to ask for the hot sauce. They offer an array of three – one much like sriracha. Another is smokey, ground dried peppers that hits you in the back of your throat. The third is my favorite. They make it in house – a vinegary hot pepper sauce that I should be making for myself at home because I would put it on nearly everything.


The aroma of the basil when the “Bamboo” is set down is a nice surprise. The vegetables are al dente; the chicken is moist – in short I am happy. As I enjoy my dinner, I survey the crowd. The room is nearly full –  a mix of dates, small groups and families, and I am happy to report one other solo diner. One note about Wave, the restrooms are worth a trip because of the great design.


Now hours later than planned, I  actually am going to get home. Will I  fire up the laptop? Doubtful. I’m already covered in glitter; I think I should make use of the situation.

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