12 Days of Giveaways, Astoria
Dec 15, 2012

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 6- TONE

Today we’re thrilled to shake it up a bit! Let’s take a break from all the delicious food giveaways and focus on fitness. Today’s prize is from TONE, Astoria’s premier boutique (…)

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Today we’re thrilled to shake it up a bit! Let’s take a break from all the delicious food giveaways and focus on fitness.

Today’s prize is from TONE, Astoria’s premier boutique Pilates studio. The winner of this package will receive three free mat classes of their choice. Use it to try out Pilates for the first time, to work on your New Year’s Eve resolutions or just to keep up with your already awesome workout routine. Each session is transformative, making you feel you taller, stronger, and longer then before.

How to Enter: Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite way workout. You can enter between now and Tuesday 12/18.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, 12/19.  Good luck, and don’t forget to sign up for our other giveaways happening all week!



I do love pilates and practice regularly. I tried the reformer for the first time recently and it was a great workout!


Never tried a Pilates classes, would def be a great win, if I got this one.


I love to workout by mixing biking, running, and yoga and pilates classes! I’d love to give TONE a try.

Stephanie M.

I’ve just started running but yoga is great too! TONE would be a great place to do some cross training.


I love to wake up and do pilates! Mat classes are my favorite, and I enjoy doing ballet barre classes as well! :) I’ve heard wonderful things about Tone, and I’d love to give your studio a try.

brian miller

I like plyometrics and intense cardio while using my own body weight.

Emily R.

Pilates is still my favorite. I’m loving Art of Fitness of Steinway!

Daniel Rios

Running and cycling. At least before my road bike got stolen off Northern Blvd.


I love pilates but haven’t taken a class in a while. I’d love to try out Tone!


In the past i’ve been a “cardio queen”. Within the past year and a half I’ve discovered strength training and yoga/pilates; it has changed my life & body. I’d love, love, love to try out this studio!


I would love to try Tone! My most common way of working out is run/walk cardio but have always wanted to try Pilates!


Dance classes are my favorite workout, but yoga and pilates are close behind.


Walk! NYC is such an awesome walking city! Get off the train early and explore the blocks. (Also pilates and yoga.)

Kimberly Abbott

TONE is hands down the best Pilates studio and where I love to work out!! Even when I don’t want to go or I want to cry because my trainer is kicking my ass (haha!), I always feel a foot taller, much lighter all around and in the best mood when I walk out!! LOVE THAT!! :)

Wan Hang Lee

I go swimming and sometimes I do yoga. Pilate will be a nice additional.

Charlene Chew

I love cardio work outs but am looking for something that would be a bit easier on my knees. I’ve heard people rave about pilates and an intrigued.


Zumba! I love to dance and it doesn’t feel like I am working out! SO much fun!


I am dying to go to this studio! Pick me! I love to ride my bike around Astoria like the Wicked Witch of the West but it is too cold to do that now…


I run, lift and like to enjoy Bikram Yoga occasionally as well. This would be a great to continue to diversify my workouts!!

Feebee Dee

This is the best Pilates studio in Queens! The people who train you are awesome!


I can’t pick just one favorite way to work out! Favorite things I’ve tried this year: Crossfit Dynamix in Astoria will kick your butt like no other, but in the friendliest way. Zumba at SimplyFit Astoria is more like a party than a workout. And PureBarre in Manhattan is absolutely incredible for lifting and sculpting- it buurns! I also love jogging along the river in Astoria Park. I’d love to try Pilates at Tone :)


I just had my first child and desperately need to get back into shape! This would be perfect, as I have been doing some not so stellar Youtube pilates videos!

Aimee Lee

Nontraditional workouts for me! I’m in an aerial conditioning phase now. I do however love the girls at Tone :)


I live dancing or taking a spin class. Pilate is great too! I would love to win this one!


I usually run either on the treadmill or outside. I’ve never tried a pilates class, so I’m excited about this giveaway!


A combo of cardio and yoga has always been my go to for workouts. I would love to give Pilates a try :)


This will be a great way to start a new year. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


I’ve never really given mat workouts much of a chance. I have always been an addict to cardio. Spin, and especially running. I recently cancelled my ridiculous membership to NYSC because I find myself running around Astoria more than I find myself using their equipment. What a waste! Perhaps a taste of “Tone” will inspire me to grab a studio membership :)


I like to wake up early and start the day with cardio at the gym. I feel like I can accomplish anything throughout the day if I start off strong!

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