12 Days of Giveaways
Dec 16, 2012

12 Days of Giveaway, Day 7 – Body & Soul Restorations

Welcome to Day 7 of We Heart Astoria’s 12 Days of Giveaways! Today we have a lovely prize – a Signature Skin Treatment and Reflexology session at Body & Soul (…)

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Welcome to Day 7 of We Heart Astoria’s 12 Days of Giveaways! Today we have a lovely prize – a Signature Skin Treatment and Reflexology session at Body & Soul Restorations, a holistic wellness spa in LIC. BS&R founder Barbara Lynn Cantone will be at your service. Curious about the treatments? Here are additional details:

Each B&SR Signature Skin Treatment is customized to meet individual needs and includes in-depth skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as necessary, neck and shoulder massage, a rejuvenating masque, and moisturization.

One of the most dramatic relaxation tools available, reflexology is proven to increase circulation, reduce stress, induce deep relaxation, cleanse the body of impurities, and revitalize overall energy. Specialized pressure point massage addresses the ten energy meridians that end in the feet, releasing stress throughout the entire body and allowing you to free yourself from tension.


Image source: Body & Soul Restorations

And about Barbara Lynn:

Barbara Lynn is a NYS licensed aesthetician with degrees and certifications from Long Island University, the Aveda Institute,  the International Dermal Institute, the Dr. Vodder School for Manual Lymphatic Drainage and LaStone Therapy. She is a frequent contributor to Zeel.com and an active blogger relating her experiences as one of the many city-dwellers seeking “the  balanced life.” (www.citylifeliveable.com).

How to enter: Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to pamper yourself. You can enter between now and Wednesday 12/19.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday, 12/20. And don’t forget to enter our other giveaways for the Food Lover’s Guide to Queens + Malu, Chocolate Swirl, and Tone Pilates. Good luck!


About Meg Cotner

Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.



I love getting pedicures, they are sooooooo relaxing! I also love meditation, yoga and massages.


The best way to pamper myself is by calling out of the job(s). Happy Holidays All!


Job hunting is stressful. Winning this would be a nice way to take a break, guilt free.


Best way to pamper myself is a combination of wine, nail polish, and a few episodes of Scandal to catch up on!


I pamper myself with an expensive bottle of wine, but I’m open to this whole massage thing!


Chamomile tea and honey, face mask, cozy PJs, putting my feet up and reading a good book.


I pamper myself by pampering a friend, too. The best way to enjoy a mani/pedi is while catching up with my girlfriends.


I am a teacher and could totally use a massage! Those shoulders always get so tight, but I never want to pay $100 for a massage!

Sandy S.

I love to treat myself to a Tui Na massage or manicure. Best way to spend a lazy Sunday :)


When I have the time and can afford them, massages are the best. But otherwise a manicure and pedicure will do the trick.

Jen Makulowich

When I get really stressed at work, nothing feels better than a massage, but if I’m just looking to treat myself, I stick with a mani/pedi :)


I am treated to one massage a year by a dear friend of mine, and I look forward to it all year long :)

Amanda K.

Getting a one hour massage is my favorite way to pamper myself…I don’t get to do it nearly as often as I’d like to, though.

Daniel Rios

A long, mild pressure massage with some stretching integrated into it has been a great way to relax. And with cucumber water, you have to have cum cucumber water.


A massage is my favorite way, but they’re often pricey so I either get a mani-pedi or ask my boyfriend for a massage!


I have a cocktail. Surely a rejuvenating facial would be a healthier treat.

Maria Lauron-Castro

I love to get the full package of a mani/pedi/ massage!! Thankfully, in Astoria it is easy to find good quality service without paying Manhattan prices!

Katie Kenney

Seems like my favorite seems to be one of the most popular with the classic massage. Nothing like working through the stresses life can bring by ridding yourself of sore muscles and tension!

Charlene Chew

Going and getting a massage and a facial is the best way to relax when I have the funds to do so. Otherwise a long bath a glass of wine and music.


I used to take long steamy bubble baths when I felt I needed pampering. Now that I have two kids there is no way I can be in the bathroom alone. Ever.

Now I find ways to get out of the house and go for a walk or see an art exhibition.

I could definitely use some hands-on TLC though.


As a massage therapist, my favorite way to pamper myself is…with a massage! :)


Getting a manicure is usually the easiest and cheapest way to pamper myself

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