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Jul 22, 2012

Mackenzi Hearts- The New Queens Kickshaw Menu!

Curious about the new menu at The Queens Kickshaw? We’ve got the scoop.

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Have you guys tried the new menu at The Queens Kickshaw yet? No? Run, don’t walk. Their new menu is packed full of comfort food classics with a twist. I bet you won’t even notice at each and every dish is actually vegetarian. Every dish is totally unique and made with love, and it shows. Want to see?

Queso with asiago, Scottish ale, & Nixtamal tortilla chips, $7:

Basket of knishes with celery root, blue cheese and beer mustard sauce, $7:

Wild mushroom shepherd’s pie, $12:

Roasted ravioli with cheddar, horseradish and tomato & zucchini ragout, $13:

Clean plate club!, priceless:

{PS- Did you know The Queens Kickshaw now takes credit cards? I didn’t! Don’t you just love their handmade sign on the door?}



And I completely agree with Evan, BTW. Vegan in Astoria is difficult and bummery. Mezze Cafe is pretty good. But the Shepherds Pie at Kickshaw… It is vegan.


just a comment on the ravioli – they are each about 3″ square. and covered with delicious zucchini ragout.

the queso was amazing – I paired it last night with a watermelon wheat beer. I could have used about 5 more chips to finish the bowl of perfectly blended cheeses, stout and flavors.

one thin removed from the menu ( hopefully just temporarily) is the fontina open face sandwich. I hope it reappears at some point.


I’m with you Evan- I was definitely hoping for more (or, you know, one) vegan options on the menu, especially considering it’s a vegetarian restaurant! Oh well, I will continue to come in and enjoy their beer…as long as I’ve eaten elsewhere first.


I’m going to have to try out these new dishes myself.

As far as being a vegan (I am not) I think there’s a happy medium here. You can’t please everyone, right? I assume carnivores all over Astoria are up in arms that there’s nothing at TQK for them to eat. Also, this new menu (according to Jen, and just taking into account how much work they put into everything else at TQK) took months to plan and execute. As mentioned earlier, if there’s enough demand (and constructive comments) made about the lack of vegan options, I’m certain that TQK would react and upgrade accordingly. That’s what blogs like this are all about!

As long as prices aren’t over the top, I’m okay with smaller portions. It encourages sampling different things, leaves room for drinks and dessert, and promotes overall sensible-eating.

Amuse * Bouche


Of course I thought of you the very second I tried these new dishes! It’s rare that a restaurant can truly create dishes for vegetarians that omnivores such as myself would hardly even know are vegetarian! That shepherds pie is so hardy. Love the photos!


I love Queens Kickshaw and have been a loyal customer since right around their opening day. But I wonder whether anyone else who’s tried the new menu thinks the portions are a little small. Went last week with my husband; he ordered the ravioli, and when the dish arrived he was surprised to see that this “large plate,” as it’s listed on the menu, consisted of exactly two ravioli. And he is not a big eater; he’s the kind of person who typically takes half of a restaurant meal home. I had the shepherd’s pie, and I’m not sure of the size of the ramekin it came in, but it too was tiny. We both appreciate the cost of good ingredients and well-prepared meals, but left hungry and a little disappointed. I hope they haven’t remade my beloved kitchen sink salad; might have to stick to it and the grilled cheese sandwiches in the future.


Brikka, I totally agree. The ravioli, while tasty, is quite small. I’ll be honest- we had LOTS of dishes to make up a filling dinner.


This is great and all but why are the only two vegan options soup? It’s one of the biggest downfalls with all the new restaurants in Astoria…not one of them offers vegans some real options to eat out with their friends. When Create opened I thought great maybe they’ll have some cool options, none. With Queens Kickshaw, if you are going to remake your menu completely vegetarian you would think you would include some real vegan options. (aka salad or a basic soup don’t count as real vegan options) Where a vegetarian will go a vegan is likely to follow. It’s sad when one of the places with the best vegan options in Astoria is Brooklyn Bagel.


Lots of good points there. Actually, they didn’t remake their menu to be veggie- it always has been. And I get it- there are NO vegan options there. Like none. Even their pumpkin seeds are made with egg whites. The salad has both egg and cheese. You should tell them in person you want vegan food. Ben & Jen are receptive to feedback. I’m sure they’d like to hear.


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