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Apr 17, 2012

New Series: Lucy Eats Alone

Want to know all the best places to eat out alone? Our latest WHA contributor, Lucy takes us along as she eats around Astoria!

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 Recently my dear friend Lucy approached me about writing a new column for We Heart Astoria, and I was all ears. Lucy is a long-time resident of Astoria, and newly single. She’s fun, stylish, a teller of great stories and she loves to dine out. Each month we’ll bring you one of Lucy’s latest posts, joining in as she shows us the best places to dine alone in Astoria- from fine dining to dive bars. Welcome, Lucy to the WHA team! 

Apparently Watawa re-opened last week and I missed the memo (Ah hem. hello WHA? Isn’t this what twitter is for? ;) I have been a part-time regular for years. Familiar enough – how many girls in astoria eat out alone a couple times a week? I also have no qualms about eating alone on a ‘date night’ – or drinking mid-day for that matter.  As I was saying – they know me a bit here: well-enough that they suggest my a favorite adult beverage of choice when I sit down yet they don’t send me a Valentine’s Day card.

After closing for a few weeks, they’ve reopened and expanded; the decor is the same (as is the menu) but now they have a large bar. As far as I can see aside from size (and I assume that will also mean more outdoor seating!) the liquor license is the  greatest improvement. Dinner was a lovely gin martini w cucumber. I imagine its Hendrick’s or a riff on Hendrick’s. I use to stop for a cocktail before dinner, now if I’m lazy I may skip a stop at Dutch Kills or Sweet Afton, my other regular haunts. The food was classic Watawa. I like my proteins raw – raw fish, raw red meat…so this place suits me.

The yellowtail jalapeno was perfect; fresh fish, spicy, with crisp pepper. It was perfect with the  martini. I wasn’t starving, so just a little sashimi and a drink did me just fine. Fresh and delicious – worth the wait as I had to sit a bit to get my sashimi… but that’s ok. I was doing a little reading – reminding myself how to install a dimmer switch. (Lighting is just so important in a bedroom.)   The staff was charming and apologetic for the delay which to my mind was unnecessary. I barely had time to check the phone. I saw that Astoria Haiku was at Bareburger and got the update on what they were pouring at Sunswick and my fish arrived.

During the weeks they were closed I tried every place in northern astoria (and by that I mean north of the two other very solid japanese places: JJ’s and Linn) and honestly I have to say they were terrible. I am thrilled that Watawa is back. Now, I just want it to be warm enough to sit outside.


33-10 Ditmars Blvd. Astoria

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Danica Litton

A big welcome to Lucy^^ Well, never heard of that Watawa. But seems like a very nice place to eat. The food looks interesting. Thanks!


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