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Apr 21, 2012

Lucy Eats Alone: Brunch For One

Find out what Lucy does for bunch after a long night.

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You guys really do love Lucy! She’s back sooner than expected, this time with a brunch tale with a side of naughty. -Mackenzi

Walking out of the hotel I realized it was already mid-afternoon on a lovely spring day. Time for food and a huge diet coke (I think the room service coffee – aside from being terrible – was decaf).

First thought was Astor Bake Shop but I’m starving and know there will be a wait. Usually I don’t mind a wait- I’m willing to wait a long time to have one of those amazing almond croissant.

Next thought I really need cheesy eggs with hot sauce and I want to sit outside. I haven’t been to Igloo in a year, maybe two but I remembered they have the hash browns I love. You know the ones – they come as  frozen rectangles of goodness and they sell them at Costco.

Sitting in the sun with a self-satisfied smile, I order diet coke, spanish omelet (extra jalapenos no green peppers – I just don’t love them) hash browns and rye bread. What I absolutely love is that you can have either bottled or fountain soda. Genius.

A quick check of the interwebs reminds me that I should check out the pictures from the SITE Turns 5 party are up, and that I need to spam my friends again to remind them to watch Married with Dishes.

My food was all perfectly cooked. The hash browns crispy on the outside and smushy on the inside. The omelet was cheesy and spicy. It was exactly what I wanted and only $11.  I’ll have to put this place back into my rotation.

They have a huge collections of current magazines and in my state I thought Marie Claire was more my speed than the Atlantic. Another diet coke while enjoying my buttery, tangy rye toast and pondering the ubiquity of Zooey Deschanel. The little boy next to me is singing about how much he loves ketchup. Now that’s a passion I can totally appreciate.

Igloo Cafe

22-26 31st St. Astoria


Jesse Maddox

Fine site. I got plenty of great information…and even laughed a little bit.

Vantage Properties

It’s been so long since we’ve eaten a meal at Igloo Cafe in Astoria. We must admit that when Astoria, Igloo is where we stop for ice cream, but we’re definitely thinking about brunch in Astoria soon. Igloo may just be where we go with such a great review.


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