12 Days of Giveaways
Dec 13, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 6: $50 at SITE NYC!

Win a $50 gift certificate to SITE NYC in Astoria!

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Kids, today’s an exciting day! My very own labor of love, SITE is the next great prize of our amazing ’12 Days of Giveaways’!

Need a few more presents? Right now the shop is stocked to the brim with clever, fun and unique gifts. My favorites include locally made ‘I Heart Astoria’ tees, owl aprons, crayon rings and our huge selection of Tokyo Milk lotions and potions. In addition, SITE has a host of really great stocking stuffers and $10 and under gifts, perfect for those pesky work Secret Santa exchanges.

Ready to win the $50 gift certificate?! Just tell us your favorite stocking stuffer ideas. Do you prefer handmade? Gift cards? We’ll pick one winner at random on Friday! Good luck!



I love getting candy, chocolate, perfume, lotions, really anything sweet tasting or smelling!

Daniel Rios

I’ve always known stocking stuffers to be edible. I like the idea of treats in my stocking. Whether it was cookies my mom put in there from my neighbors, the traditional tube of Reece’s cups, or some toy candy dispenser, I have thought of the stocking as a compliment to the usual gifts.


Candy and gift cards. I love some of these other ideas though – I’m stealing them!


I love funky little trinkets as stocking suffers. A few years ago, I gave my mom who lives in Atlanta a little peanut shaped box that I actually bought at SITE. She loves it! I also love the traditional orange in a stocking and chocolate covered cherries!


I love giving food things as stocking stuffers. A really good chocolate bar, or some homemade marshmallows and I’m in heaven.


Chap stick/lip gloss, fun kitchen gadgets, and funky socks are all favorite stocking stuffers.


My next purchase is an I <3 Astoria tee and Queens pillow for my best friend in the entire world. He is moving to LA on January 1st and when he inevitably gets sad and misses Astoria he can just don the shirt, cuddle up with the pillow and remember the best place in NYC!


This year I’m trying to buy as much local and handmade stuff as possible and stockings are easily my favorite part of Christmas morning. After all the presents are opened and you get that momentary pang of, “oh man. It’s over,” suddenly you have a whole stocking full of goodies! I love to fill stockings with lots of little things like candies and lip balms and lotions..but I suppose I could roll up an “I heart Astoria” tee and squish it in there ;)


My mom always included a new toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste with all the candy.


I am a huge fan of Site. Every single birthday, my boyfriend buys me a necklace from their amazing selection. Each necklace is unique and I get stopped on the street and asked where they are from. I have a fork necklace since I love to eat, a subway token engraved with the words Te Amo, since i am a wannabe Latina who teaches Zumba and most recently a colorful moth dangling from a chain. Oh how I Love Site so much…..


I have always liked getting socks in my stocking. You know, for the irony of it.


My dude and I have made this Christmas all about supporting small business artists and crafters. Being half way done with our shopping, we have hit up Etsy, Astoria Market and The Golden Nugget (Lambertville NJ) but a certificate to SITE would be perfect to finish the list! We haven’t been there yet and feel like bad Astorians for it.


Handmade gifts and little trinkets are simply the BEST. I love making handmade magnets for friends and family. My mom always stuffed my stocking with lip balm, gift certificates, little chocolates, and whatever little weird, unique things she could find around town. No stockings for me as a New York resident with no fireplace but that’ll change again someday!


I like fruit, nuts, candy, money and gift cards.


Eileen Diskin

I’m a fan of the ever-popular Starbucks gift card. It may not be the best coffee, but it sure is nice starting the day with a free cup of coffee!


Candy, magazines rolled up to fit, and little bottles of lotion! My daughter is going to get a toy cat from Santa her stocking this year.


Growing up we always got candy. Since my son is only 7 months, I’m putting mini stuffed sesame street toys and a mini book set. Can’t wait til he’s older to make stocking stuffers for daddy with him.


Growing up my Mom put a ton of chocolates and other small toys in our stockings. But now that my sister and I are older, I always look forward to the sample size makeup she puts in there. Last year I got a mini-nail polish set – so fun!

Rachel Kempster

Bright, nutsy nail polish. My dad put a few crazy colors of Brucci in my stocking every year.

Jenn @ Lean Body Pilates

Fancy shea butter soap and socks and undies. My mom does that every year and I always look forward to it. Everyone can use new socks & undies! Chocolate is never a bad idea either… ;)


Candy and scratch-off lottery tickets. If you don’t win big, there’s chocolate to console you!

Laura K.

Candy is the best! I also like to put fresh baked cookies in stockings.


Scratch off lottery tickets – wrapped in paper to keep it festive and classy!


Well, I’ve never done stocking stuffers, but I do like the idea of the traditional orange at the bottom (a real one, not one of those weird chocolate ones) and I would have a candy cane coming out of the top, I think. I’d also include socks because I think socks inside a big sock is funny and an instant camera so you can take pictures of an awesome day.


For my son, it will be tons of little toy cars … He can’t get enough of them, and they are too small to be wrapped up individually.


I think there should be some candy (of course) and random or fun trinkets…the more random the better!


I love gift cards in stockings…but I could totally use $50 to spice things up with some unique stocking stuffers from SITE this year!


Growing up we would always have an orange at the bottom, candy, and then some random and fun trinkets like a slinky or nail polish or something. The more random and creative the better!


I wish a could stuff one of those Queens pillows into my stocking, but I guess I can settle for candy and some fun knick knacks.

Erin Long

I LOVE Christmas ornaments as stocking stuffers. It’s a perfect little gift for Christmas morning and everyone could use a new ornament!

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