12 Days of Giveaways, Astoria
Dec 11, 2012

12 Days of Giveaways- Day 2, Loveday 31 + SITE

Hello retail lovers, this is the giveaway for you… Today’s lucky winner gets TWO $50 gift certificates: $50 to SITE NYC and $50 to spend at Loveday31! Stock up on Astoria (…)

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Hello retail lovers, this is the giveaway for you…

Today’s lucky winner gets TWO $50 gift certificates: $50 to SITE NYC and $50 to spend at Loveday31! Stock up on Astoria necklaces + Queens posters at SITE and cute winter boots + vintage party dresses at Loveday. It’s a real boutique bonanza!

How to enter: Leave us a comment and tell us why you love boutique shopping.  You can enter between now and Thursday, 12/13.  A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, 12/14.  Good luck and stay tuned for our other giveaways, each day this week.

SITE NYC- 35-11 34th Avenue, Astoria

Loveday 31– 33-06 31st Avenue, Astoria


Aimee Lee

I LOVE boutique shopping because the selection of items is SO unique and so personal to the owner and employees; it’s not just about pushing as much mass-produced merchandise as possible; you find really interesting and original things.


I love boutique shopping because it’s perfect for when you don’t have an idea in mind ahead of time and just want to browse for unique gifts.


Shopping in boutiques guarantees that you’ll find something wonderfully unique and I love supporting local Astoria businesses

Steph M.

love boutique shopping because it always feels one of a kind! It become easy to find just the right gift for friends :)


It’s the smaller boutique shops that have the most unique items. Perfect place to pick up thoughtful gifts!

Emily R.

So many great gift ideas for Christmas and a few treats for myself too. I am secretly addicted to SITE. Its so much fun to look through the racks as well as support our local small businesses.


I love it because you never know what you’re going to come across – last summer I got a vintage dress at Loveday31, and the office kept on complimenting me!


I find the most unique clothing and jewelry at Loveday 31. I am always getting compliments, and am always feeling confident in the items I purchase. I wish we had more boutiques like it in Astoria. However, with it’s nonconforming style- it is one of the MANY things I <3 about Astoria, and keeps our little section of NYC super fab.

Amanda K.

I love it because I always find all sorts of unique gems. Much better than shopping in a store where all the stuff looks the same.


I just moved to the Astoria neighborhood on December 1st, and am so excited to get to know the shopping in the neighborhood! Once I fall in love with a store, I always go back, and from what I can tell from their websites, I will have an addiction to both of these stores. I could definitely use some awesome Queens-inspired additions for my apartment! And I’d love to see the expression on the faces of my snooty Brooklyn friends when I tell them I got my newest amazing vintage piece from Queens!


I love supporting small businesses in my neighborhood, and being able to tell my friends all about where I got my unique purchases! You just can’t beat the wonderful surprise of an ever-changing selection of one-of-a-kind gifts, interior decor and apparel that you find at boutiques.


I love boutique shopping because you always discover new and interesting things (and I love SITE and Loveday especially because I can do so in my own neighborhood!)


I love boutique shopping simply because the likelihood that someone will have your outfit or accessory on is unlikely. Finding unique pieces to add to your own sense of style is fun. Plus, the experience of the hunt is thrilling! Supporting local businesses isn’t too bad!

Charlene Chew

I used to live around the corner from Loveday and always found hidden gems in that store. A favorite by far


I love boutique shopping, because I believe its important to shop in neighborhood shops and keep them in business as opposed to larger corporations. These people had a dream, and opened up their shops and are working/living their dreams….we all should support these people a bit more and keep their dream alive. Plus you find some of the cutest and more unique items at these places.

Ryan Anthony Donaldson

My wife loves the opportunity to find the wonderfully curated clothing and accessories at Loveday 31. I enjoy the locally-themed items at SITE, and we appreciate that both stores keep things fresh and always have something new to offer whenever we visit! I think this is why we gravitate towards boutique stores rather than generic big box stores. Thank you!

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