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Dec 07, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 3: Loveday 31 $50 Gift Certificate

Ladies, this is the giveaway for you! Today’s giveaway is for $50 to Astoria’s most fashionable haunt, Loveday31. Home to chic, vintage frocks, coats, and boots this is the local (…)

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Ladies, this is the giveaway for you! Today’s giveaway is for $50 to Astoria’s most fashionable haunt, Loveday31. Home to chic, vintage frocks, coats, and boots this is the local spot for unique holiday party outfits and more! If you’re looking to give really different gifts this year, look no further than their eye catching display of vintage baubles, bags, and scarves.

To enter, tell us what your favorite holiday party ensemble is like. Are you a sequins gal? A jacket and sneakers guy? How do you step out in style during the onslaught of work and family parties?

12 days of giveaways

You have until Friday to enter and a winner will be announced on Monday, December 12th. ┬áKnock ’em dead, kids!


Melissa Marie

My standard holiday party uniform is a dress with some sparkle. I try to make it a little flowy too, so I can enjoy treats without really like a stuffed sausage.

Katie Kenney

My favorite is a little black dress (I have about 5 different ones!) paired with my favorite knee high boots. To top it off with Christmasy flair I add something red or green or both such as my red pashmina or perhaps my green jacket!


I took like a holiday outfit that sparkles. I am now the proud owner of matching silver sequin ballet flats and belt, and another pair of sequin ballet flats that are purple. And two pairs of glittery tights! Basically, the holidays are when I let out my inner drag queen.


I like boots, tights and a loose fitting dress w. some sequins. It gets me in the holiday spirit and leaves lots of room for eating all the great cookies, cake and other holiday goodies!

Erin Smith

I like to have a bright dress paired with black tights and boots.


For some reason the holidays always bring out the vintage-glam gal in me. Two years ago in the midst of a serious Mad Men bender I spent the season in a high-waisted black leather pencil skirt pilfered years ago from my mom’s closet, lady-like silky blouses, and pumps. Last year I drank lots of gin and went for jazz-age sparkle. This season I’ve been obsessed with that 60’s Brigitte Bardot look; cat eyes, huge hair, and fitted black ensembles with a little sheerness to fancy it up. And always bright red nails, the brighter the better!


A dark dress and a fun pair of tights and/or shoes to punch it up a bit. Keeping it fairly simple and clean is how I like to rock it, but there are a ton of sequin dresses out there that are just calling my name…


Holiday parties are always the time for skirts/fun tights and dresses! I am a fan of anything festive. I have a pair of black tights with sparkly gold flecks that are perfect for the season. Usually I bust the big girl heels out too – I have red ones that seem to always catch people’s eyes.


velvet. miles and miles of velvet, with sparkly accessories.
elegant, and warm!

Daniel Rios

I keep it simple with my cooking and my clothes. Depends on the level of shmaciness (yes it is a word), but usually a classic pair of converse with interesting pattern socks, dark wash jean with vintage buckle, light colored sweater over solid color but bold button up, and a smile. Its hard not to around friends and family.


I’m a pretty straightforward dark tight jeans, tanktop/blouse/jacket type of gal. I dress it up with boots or nice flats. Sequins just don’t work for me.


I try to re-create Audrey Hepburn ensembles, and then I buy a drink for anyone who can identify the movie. I’m a total nerd, but there’s something amazing and timeless about fancy updos, dramatic eyeliner, belted dresses and kitten heels.


I have this little cranberry satin cocktail dress that is always in heavy rotation for the holiday season. It’s a great color and can be dressed up with glittery gold heels, or made more casual with black tights and black booties. The color is festive and stands out in a sea of black.
Happy Holidays!

Maria Castro

it depends what kind of party it is – if it’s a work party, I think the simple black dress that always make you look sleek and sexy, with nice pearl accessories!

If it’s a family/friends party I’d say when you know you’re gonna eat a whole lot, you can never go wrong with stretchy tights or jeggings..haha..anything with elastic and makes your tummy comfy when stuffing your face with food and alcohol! For the tops, I’d gi with a cute sweater and the cute flat knee high boots!!

Happy Holidays my fellow Astorians!


My favorite way to make an outfit more festive is too add fun tights! I also just got a gold dress which just screams holiday party to me!


Sequins are a must, and an semi-obnoxious headband with fake mistletoe on it so everyone is forced to smooch me. :D


Anything sparkly and something forest green, although technically I wear variations on this way more often than just a holiday party.


I like to beehive my hair up and tie a big red bow around it and pair it with something cute, cozy and plaid!


this year i’m looking for sequins – usually i just like sparkly, definitely paired with sparkly nails and big jewelry and hair!


Everytime I walk by Loveday 31 I have to squeeze my eyes shut tight and hold my breath because I know I’ll want everything I see through the window. A $50 opportunity would Make. My. Day.

Love sequins. Gold Jewelry. Red Lipstick. Love holiday outfits in general.


Sequins! In fact, my favorite holiday outfit is a pink-toned gold sequins top that I wear over black leggings. I love wearing silver and gold toned outfits instead of the typical red and green for Christmas parties. It somehow seems more festive!


This just shows you how much I need this: all black, with brightly colored jewelry.


Anything that glitters!

When I think of the holiday season of think of shine, which is why I prefer one sequin piece whether it be a skirt or top. Then you pair it with something more low key and you are good to go. The good thing about vintage shops is that you can find an 80’s beaded or sequin piece and mix and match with something more modern. 80’s glitter with skinny jeans or a mini? Sounds good to me!

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