12 Days of Giveaways
Dec 19, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 10 – Sweetleaf

Welcome to the 10th day of We Heart Astoria’s 12 Days of Giveaways! Today we have a giveaway from one of our favorite LIC food institutions – Sweetleaf! This lovely (…)

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Welcome to the 10th day of We Heart Astoria’s 12 Days of Giveaways! Today we have a giveaway from one of our favorite LIC food institutions – Sweetleaf! This lovely cafe on Jackson Ave serves some of the best coffee in the borough, from roasters like Stumptown and Verve. I love stopping by on a Saturday morning for an expertly prepared cappuccino and a cinnamon puff.

Sweetleaf has provided a free drink and a bag of coffee for this giveaway. Such a nice package, seriously delicious and well crafted.

To enter, tell us the story of your coffee awakening – when did you start drinking it? Are you a fan of drip coffee or something espresso-based? Regular or decaf? We look forward to reading your comments.

We’ll accept comments until Wednesday, December 21, and choose a winner at random on Thursday. Good luck!

About Meg Cotner

Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.



My coffee awakening happened when my Grandma gave me “a taste” in my tweens. Admittedly I was not a fan at first but have learned to doctor it to my liking – which is nothing like how my Grandma made it! ;) Whether I’m in the mood for coffee or not, the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee is one of my favorite smells.


I started drinking coffee in in college, but not on a regular basis. I started working at a small coffee shop, where I learned how to properly grind coffee and pull a shot of espresso, and I haven’t looked back since. I hate automatic coffeemakers, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Hario and Chemex drip methods. Although my daily brew is made in a French press with an occasional stovetop espresso thrown into the mix. I work just a few blocks from Sweetleaf and stop by at least once a week, so I would love to win this!


I started drinking coffee as a kid growing up with grandparents who started their morning with it. i love regular drip coffee, simple and fresh.


At the age of 5, I always took a sip of my dad’s black coffee when he wasn’t looking. I like his coffee the best – it has to do with the fresh beans he used to buy and the way he prepared it.

Stephanie L.

I became a coffee addict about 3 – 4 years ago. Before that I drank a lot of chai. I’m obsessed with lattes and Sweet Leaf makes a mean one!

Heather M

I started to become a bit of a coffee snob when I came back from Vienna about 5 years ago. Before that, I had actually stopped drinking coffee and realized after Vienna that I could no longer ignore good coffee.


I have never been to sweetleaf. Perhaps winning this will finally get me there!

As for me and coffee, we have been in a relationship since I was 22. The stronger the better. Always light and sweet though.


I started drinking coffee when I was working at the cutest little sandwich shop in Beacon. Espresso at all times of the day is dangerous!


I started drinking coffee in college, when my 8AM (!) part-time job practically required it.


Started drinking coffee in my teens at Denny’s w/12 sugars and 4 creamers before I knew any better.


I started drinking coffee as a teenager, when the cool (only?) thing to do was hang out at the local coffee shop. I disliked it at first, but soldiered on and now can start my day without it.


I started drinking coffee in australia, before I moved to nyc. SweeSweetleaf has the best coffee in queens, hands down.

Kelly S.

I first started seriously drinking coffee when I was an intern at an Off-off-(off-off-off…) Broadway theatre in 2005. I was there for 14+ hour days for months working on the show and as an unpaid intern/college student didn’t have the cash for outside coffee or food. The director of the show would bring in Starbucks and we’d brew it in this old coffee maker from the 90’s (and he’d never have cream or sugar around) and it was your only option if you didn’t want to be dead tired. So I got hooked on the stuff, crappy and thick as mud, and since then have learned to appreciate a good cup — but I always know I can tolerate even the instant stuff if I have to. It’s better than no coffee!

Ann Marie

I worked as a barista in high school for a while before I realized I liked coffee. I started in college, on the campus swill that shared few differences with pure sugar on the atomic level. I worked my way up until I moved to the city and tried a truly excellent cup – Sit and Wonder in Brooklyn. I’ve been hooked on the good stuff ever since, almost strictly espresso, but I’ll have drip where the IV is available.


I started drinking coffee when I was working the graveyard shift for my job at the time. I needed the caffeine jolt if I had any hope of keeping a less nocturnal schedule on my days off. I didn’t stay at the job long, but I now drink coffee every day. Nothing fancy, just regular drip with enough sugar to make most coffee lovers cry!


I started drinking coffee seriously when I moved to New Yawk in ’93. I am an espresso percolator FREAK, I absolutely love it, by far the best way to brew.

Erica Dunn

I started drinking drip coffee in high school and was so excited when moved to astoria to find independent coffee shops instead of just starbucks!

Sue Y.

I started drinking coffee at age 10 or 11. My Dad would leave his half finished coffee at the breakfast table, and I would drink it while I was supposed to clearing the table and washing the dishes. That was just the beginning of the rest of my coffee-addled life. Currently I happily use a stove top espresso maker for my morning brew.

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