Nov 28, 2011

Continued Deliciousness at The Queens Kickshaw

Over the weekend, T and I decided to tour the neighborhood for Small Business Saturday. We popped into Inside Astoria, Nook N’ Crannie (I picked up 4 fun green cloth (…)

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Over the weekend, T and I decided to tour the neighborhood for Small Business Saturday. We popped into Inside Astoria, Nook N’ Crannie (I picked up 4 fun green cloth napkins for $12), Little Soap Shop (two soaps and some lotion), Noisette Bakery (good but not amazing), SITE (where I got a fun taco shaped luggage tag) and a couple of thrift shops (one on Ditmars, one on Steinway). We ended our tour at The Queens Kickshaw, where we tasted some really delicious things.

Although I don’t drink much soda these days, the ones at The Queens Kickshaw are special and I like to enjoy them from time to time. They mix sparkly water with syrups from P & H Soda, which come in really interesting flavors. I saw that quince was an option and was seriously intrigued, so I knew I had to taste it. Turns out the quince soda ($3.50) tasted like fizzy membrillo! That makes sense, since membrillo is made from quince. It had elements of apple, caramel, and vanilla. Yum.

quince soda at the queens kickshaw

And while it’s public knowledge that I adore the Gouda sandwich at The Queens Kickshaw, what you might not know is that once I like something that much, I tend to order it time and time again. Well, I was in the mood to branch out, so I decided to try the Arahovas Feta sandwich ($10). It’s served open face, with ajvar (a red pepper and eggplant paste) and dill along with the feta, served with a small salad with a green olive vinaigrette. I liked how light the sandwich was and enjoyed the flavor of the green olive vinaigrette very much.

feta with ajvar open faced sandwich at the queens kickshaw

I was also presented with a new dish the staff is experimenting with – it’s creamed spinach with a smoked egg ($6). And believe me, it is fabulous. The first bite I tasted was a knockout all on its own – without the egg. I loved how savory the creamed spinach was, and also really enjoyed the texture, which involved that silkiness that cooked spinach can exhibit. Plus it’s mixed with butter and cream and a little garlic – what’s not to like?!?

The egg’s smokiness added an interesting element to the dish as a whole, and I really liked that. It didn’t overpower the rest of the spinach, which was nice. Everything married together really well. I also appreciated the serving size, which left me feeling satisfied, not overstuffed.

creamed spinach with a smoked egg at the queens kickshaw

This dish is not on the permanent menu… yet. It’s offered as a special right now, so I recommend that you definitely take advantage of it. And if you like it, please let the staff know!

Thanks to The Queens Kickshaw for providing such great food in the neighborhood!

The Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103

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I would think there are no meat products in it (thinking broth), as everything else on the menu is vegetarian. There’s definitely no actual meat in it, either.


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