12 Days of Giveaways
Dec 08, 2010

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 3: Vesta

Today is day 3 of our 12 Days of Giveaways here at We Heart Astoria! We’re thrilled with your response and are enjoying the love. Today’s giveaway is dear to (…)

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Today is day 3 of our 12 Days of Giveaways here at We Heart Astoria! We’re thrilled with your response and are enjoying the love.

Today’s giveaway is dear to our hearts, as it is brunch for two at Vesta!  Vesta is probably one of our absolute favorite restaurants in town – the food is fresh, inventive, and delicious, the space is cozy, and the owners are the nicest guys.  And then there’s the fabulous Baby Jesus Cake. It gets high marks from many Astorians I know.

For me, probably my very favorite dish on the menu is the L’Italiano, which happens to be served during brunch!  It’s grilled Italian bread topped with ricotta, hot sopressata, and a poached egg.  NOM.  The Hangover Pizza is pretty dang good, too. They serve many other delicious things for brunch, so if you win this giveaway, you’re golden.

To enter, just leave us a comment telling us what your favorite thing is to eat for brunch.  To be honest, one of my absolute favorite brunch items is the mimosa!  Such a treat.  Be sure to leave your email when you fill out the comment form so we can contact you if you’ve won. Enjoy!

UPDATE: We will choose a winner on Monday 12/13, so you still have time to enter!

Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar
21-02 30th Avenue

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Depends on the day! You can’t go wrong with the warm bankie – light and absolutely delicious on those days you don’t want to overdo it. On the days where you are a bit hungrier or are ‘recovering’, though, the Hangover Pizza can’t be beat! One of my top restaurants in Astoria!


I once had a tofu scramble for brunch that blew my mind. It was spiced well, cooked to perfection, and had some tahini-based secret sauce that sent it over the edge. All brunches now must be compared to what was that glory.


Mmmm coffee and mimosas! And sausage. Any pork products, really.
I heart vesta.


my favorite brunch item is softshell crab coated in cornmeal, fried, and served on a brioche bun with chipotle tartar sauce.

Kristie Foster

Eggs benedict & a spicy bloody mary… the perfect start to ANY day!


Brunch has always been a luxuriating excuse for indulgent items with loved ones. Bloodymarys, good coffee, butter, assorted fatty meat products , a perfect poached egg on an English muffin or a heart attack burger with cheese and bacon. Ahhhh 2hrs of bliss with friends. And of course a NYT crossword to ignore after 5 minutes and still look smart by leaving it next to you on the table for all to see.


I love pancakes or waffles. Omeletes are great too. I can’t say there are any brunch items I don’t like


I alway have something great with eggs, always bacon and then something sweet to share for the table – pancakes or french toast! We love brunch.

Jill B

I love brunch and am also a fan of brinner. Favorite brunch item is tough to choose, but I’m going with an omelette with bacon and cheese. Mmmm heart attack on a plate but so delicious!!


My favorite brunch item would have to be well executed eggs benedict, and a great bloody mary. Yes, they are 1 item ;)


I love all breakfast/brunch foods, but I’m a sucker for eggs benedict and homefries.


I’m all about Vesta’s warm bankie. Mmmm. Especially on a day as cold as today!


I always have a tough time deciding between salty and sweet at brunch. But more often than not I go for the french toast.


Nothing is better than some fluffy pancakes…love them for brunch or any other meal I can sneak them in :)


I usually love to get an omelette – anything with goat cheese or feta is tops for brunch! Dying to try Vesta!


My favorite thing about brunch would have to be breakfast potatoes. At Vesta, they’re the perfect accompaniment to the warm bankie which happens to be my favorite breakfast entree there!


The french toast is the absolute best! Not to mention, topping it off with the Baby Jesus cake afterwards for dessert! :)


I love getting either French toast or hueves rancheros, both accompanied by a mimosa or bellini of course!


Stuffed french toast! On the healthier side, omelettes with spinach and feta :)


I like really oniony and crunchy hash browns as part of my brunch. A carafe of mimosas help too!

Ana PS

My favorite thing to eat for brunch is eggs over easy, bacon, grilled halloumi, tomatoes, country fries & whole grain toast, coffee and of course the mimosa! ☺


I love Vesta – too hard to choose favorite there! But if I have to I would say the pancakes or the warm bankie!


For me.. the favorite part of brunch are the mimosas lol, but also i love trying out dishes i normally wouldn’t have… i had this delicious mac n cheese from the boathouse in central park that was to die for… lol


I’m a big huevos rancheros fan =)

Vesta is so good! I haven’t been there for brunch yet though.

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