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Jan 22, 2020

POD SAVE ASTORIA WEEK: Chatting New Yorkers Up with ‘We’ll Be Right Back’

When we started looking into local podcasts a few weeks back for story ideas, there were so many good opportunities for content that we decided to make it a week-long (…)

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Credit to Astoria-based photographer Matt Monath

When we started looking into local podcasts a few weeks back for story ideas, there were so many good opportunities for content that we decided to make it a week-long series! So, welcome to “Pod Save Astoria” Week, where we’re interviewing local podcasters about joining a super popular medium, recording locally, the laughs (and tears) along the way, and so much more. Enjoy (and start downloading…now!).

Next we have “We’ll Be Right Back” with Astoria locals Kevin Ross and Brian Dean, who released their first podcast episode almost exactly one year ago. We’ll let them tell you exactly what it’s all about, but expect in-depth chats with your charming hosts and fascinating New Yorkers, pop culture laughs, and lots of Astoria pride!

Without further ado…

WHA: Tell us about “We’ll Be Right Back” (WBRB)…what is the aim of the podcast?

KEVIN: For us itʼs about sharing engaging conversations with interesting people we’ve met or want to know more about while also discussing topics that connect us to our listeners. We share music, personal stories, celebrity gossip and just whatever we want to talk about.

BRIAN: We meet so many people with amazing stories in this city. WBRB is a great platform for them to share their story, while contributing to whatever topic of conversation we want to have in the recording session that day.

Brian, guest Eric Tronolone, and Kevin during a recording session.

WHA: How did you come up with the idea for it? Was it always going to be a podcast, or did you consider another form of content at first?

KEVIN: It was really born out of meeting people together at parties or just somewhere random, having a great conversation and thinking “Weʼre pretty good at chatting people up! We should do something with this.” And awhile back our good friend Ben and I had a small apartment with this great convo space where we had “interviews” with friends and when we hit a really heady topic of discussion, Ben would turn to an imaginary camera and say “Weʼll be right back.” It always made us laugh. And we say it all the time now.

BRIAN: Yes, and weʼve since used the phrase “Weʼll be right back” in so much conversation now haha.

Brian, guest Eric Tronolone, and Kevin at Gotham Podcast Studio.

WHA: What was the process like starting a podcast? How did you learn? How were the logistics—getting the equipment, learning how to record/edit, etc?

KEVIN: I literally Googled “podcast studio New York City” and got a few hits. We contacted Gotham Studios and after an initial meeting realized they had everything we needed. They really provide a great service of handling the initial launch, recording quality, video content and so much of our editing!

BRIAN: Gotham Studios have been the best resource for us since the inception of the podcast. Theyʼve provided us with the best environment and team to turn our fun studio sessions into something that sounds professional. Plus they share our analytics so we get the inside scoop on how much global love we get!

WHA: How does Astoria play a role/inspire you?

KEVIN: I have lived in Astoria for 10 years and our close knit friends all live in the neighborhood. Many of them have been guests and some will be future guests because our friends are really interesting and very talented. Weʼve had business owners, photographers, actors, comedians on the show all from Astoria. This neighborhood is home and it prides me to feature it so much on WBRB.

BRIAN: Seven years for melong enough that I’ve been able to watch the neighborhood grow a bit. What I love is that not a lot of people in the greater NYC area know much about Astoria, so theyʼre always a little enlightened when I rep the hood. Our recording studio is in midtown Manhattan, but we always bring Queens in with us every time :)

Kevin & Brian in a cab.

Quick Fun Q’s

WHA: What are some of your other favorite podcasts to listen to?

KEVIN: Iʼm usually listening to “Straight Talk with Ross Mathews,” “My Favorite Murder,” “WTF with Marc Maron” and “Wait Wait Donʼt Tell Me” from NPR. BUT Iʼm starting “Dolly Parton’s America” very soon!

BRIAN: “Straight Talk with Ross Mathews” has been a huge influence on the WBRB podcast. I’ve been listening to them for years now! I also love the boys at Los Culturistas.

WHA: What’s your favorite thing to eat/drink while you record or edit?

KEVIN: I donʼt typically drink or eat when we record because of the noises they make but weʼve enjoyed a nice canned cocktail once in awhile.

BRIAN: Iced coffee and alcohol, lol.

WHA: What is your favorite most underrated spot in the neighborhood?

KEVIN: Hands down for me itʼs Albatross Bar. We had Nathan the owner on as our very first guest actually which was a great chat! Heʼs a wonderful guy and heʼs turned that bar into such a welcoming home for the queer community. It always makes me happy to go there because while you know the atmosphere is going to be exactly what you want and you never know what you might see! Plus they have a great happy hour!

BRIAN: Albatross for sure. I actually think the idea of the podcast was really created over a couple martinis in that bar. Other noteworthy underrated places for me though are the Museum of Moving Image and Shuya Ramen!

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