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Dec 19, 2019

30 Years in Astoria: Sac’s Place

This week we’re highlighting some of the amazing local businesses celebrating milestone anniversaries as 2019 comes to an end. Happy Astoria-versary! See also: 5 years, 10 years and 10 years. (…)

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Courtesy Sac’s Place.

This week we’re highlighting some of the amazing local businesses celebrating milestone anniversaries as 2019 comes to an end. Happy Astoria-versary! See also: 5 years, 10 years and 10 years. Today’s feature is celebrating a whopping 30 YEARS!

Most Italian restaurants advertise Mamma’s (or Nonna’s) cooking, but at Sac’s Place, the two brother owners can actually trace back their family recipes for over 200 years thanks to their mother.

Domenico and Anthony Sacramone grew up eating homemade dishes in the Abrusezze tradition which focuses on fresh, always high quality ingredients. Their mom grew vegetables in their backyard, as the food was also focused on seasonal produce.

When the older brother, Anthony, realized his passion wasn’t in his banking career, and Domenico wasn’t looking forward to joining the corporate world, they decided to open a restaurant and serve the very dishes they grew up with.

Mama Sacramone making gnocchi. Courtesy Sac’s Place.

They were both born and raised in Astoria, as their parents had immigrated to America in 1954 and set down roots in the neighborhood. When the brothers found an open restaurant space only a few blocks from their home, it was meant to be. Mamma would come to the restaurant every day, even in her nineties.

Originally, Sac’s was a pizzeria, but they expanded in the ’90s to be a restaurant as well. Most recently, they moved from their longtime spot on Broadway to Kaufman Astoria Studios.

The new space at Kaufman Astoria. Courtesy Sac’s Place.

“We’ve seen the neighborhood grow and become more diverse,” Domenico said. “It’s been wonderful to see it evolve. The Kaufman Arts District, where we’re located now, is a perfect example of how the neighborhood has changed and developed. In addition to being a great place to live, it’s now a culturally rich destination spot.”

Throughout all their developments, the brothers have never strayed from the fundamental principles of high-quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. “My mother never compromised, and we’ve never compromised: even during economically trying times, we’ve used high end olive oil, fresh mozzarella, antibiotic-free organic poultry and made the trek to the Poconos where we get amazing produce throughout the seasons,” Domenico said.

Courtesy Sac’s Place.

That commitment—and the fact that they have such loyal customers, some who have been coming to the restaurant for their entire lives—have helped the restaurant thrive since 1989.

The brothers are looking forward to new opportunities in their new space: for the first time, they have a private room for parties that can be used while still keeping the restaurant open to the public. Domenico says they already feel like they’ve been there for a long time. “We’re looking forward to still seeing our longtime customers, and to forming new friendships.”

Sac’s Place, 3511 35th Avenue 


Anne Fitzpatrick

Being big fans of the original Sac’s Place we have of course been to the new place twice. First, the one & only negative. They used to serve half portions, perfect for 2 seniors like myself and my husband who can’t eat full meals anymore. They are no longer offered. However, the full portion, while more expensive, but as usual delicious, is plenty to bring home for a second night, which we did and enjoyed tonight. The ambiance is lovely in the new place but not lacking the family feeling of the old. The staff is always welcoming! Good luck Anthony and Domenico. We will be seeing you again soon!


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